DIY Glitter Sneakers with Fabric Creations

DIY Glitter Shoes

For years, I’ve lived by the motto, “glitter makes everything better.” Unfortunately, due to the fact that loose glitter can be quite messy, I haven’t always been able to craft with it as much as I’d like. That’s why I’m so excited about all the new glitter products Plaid is releasing this year, like FolkArt Glitterific, Mod Podge Mega Glitter, and Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter! One is a paint, one is a sealer, and one is a fabric paint, and the best part is that all three contain the glitter in such a way that there’s no mess!

Recently, I shared how I used Fabric Creations paint and Fantasy Glitter to bring new life to a ruined pair of TOMS. Today, I want to show you how I made a $5 pair of canvas shoes from Michaels into my absolute favorite pair of footwear! Here’s a quick look at the process, then I’ll break it down for you step by step:

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

You’ll need:

White canvas shoes – I prefer the Converse style, but any kind will do. Mine were $5 in the summer section at Michaels.

Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink I used Carnation

Fabric Creations Fantasy GlitterI used Unicorn


Painters Tape

Step 1: Remove laces and apply tape along the rubber sections of the shoes.

This will keep your paint from getting onto the areas that aren’t canvas. If you do happen to get any where it doesn’t belong, a quick wipe with a damp paper towel while the paint is still wet will remove it with no trouble.

Step 2: Apply a coat of Fabric Creations paint to the canvas areas of each shoe.

One coat was plenty to give me great coverage and the perfect pink color. If you’re using a darker color and want to apply two, feel free. Remove your tape while the paint is still wet. Let the shoes dry to the touch before moving on to the next step. You may be surprised by just how soft and flexible the paint dries if you’re used to using other types of fabric paint.

Step 3: Apply a coat of Fantasy Glitter. 

This glitter formula is specifically designed for fabric projects. It contains glitter particles of various sizes and colors suspended in a clear paint that dries just as soft and flexible as the regular fabric ink does. I applied one coat of the color Unicorn, which has a beautiful light, holographic look, to my shoes. You can apply as many coats as you like, and there are also a variety of other colors to choose from including Pirate’s Gold {which I used on my TOMS}, Sea Serpent, Dragon Skin, and more. The colors are designed to work on both dark and light fabrics and give gorgeous effects.

DIY Glitter Shoes

Once the glitter is dry, your shoes are ready to be re-laced and worn! I couldn’t have been more pleased with how mine turned out. This light blush pink is my absolute favorite color of the season, and I’ve been wanting it on shoes ever since the start of spring. The glitter is just enough to make them extra-fun without being over the top, and now I want to wear them everywhere.

DIY Glitter Shoes

What do you think? Would you rock a pair of glitter sneakers like these? The best part is when you make your own, you can customize them with whatever colors and glitters you like best! What kind would you create?

DIY Glitter Shoes

Be sure to check out my other glitter shoe transformation here:


DIY Glitter Shoes

Don’t forget, if you like it, then you oughta put a pin on it!

DIY Glitter Shoes


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