DIY Glittered Shoes: A Fabric Creations Fairytale

DIY Glittered Shoes

Once upon a time there was a girl who owned a pair of TOMS. They were tan with black polka dots and they were even more comfortable than they were adorable. They matched everything, so she wore them everywhere. Literally. Then, one day, she visited the castle of an evil witch (or maybe just someone’s house) and when she stepped into the yard, it was a squishy, soggy, muddy mess. The mud got all over her right shoe and ruined it forever…or so she thought.

Then, one day, she visited the magical kingdom of Plaid, where a group of crafty fairies gave her some wonderful news! They put two magic potions in her hand; one was called Fabric Creations, and the other was called Fantasy Glitter. The fairies promised that if she combined the two potions, her favorite shoes would be not only saved, but more beautiful than ever before. Excited to see what would happen, the girl returned home and made a wish. Then, she carefully followed the instructions on the potions and her TOMS transformed right before her eyes! She had promised the fairies not to keep the magic to herself, so she told everyone she knew how they could transform their own fabric and canvas shoes too…which led to many happily ever afters.

You need:

Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink: I used Metallic Bronze
Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter: I used Pirate’s Gold
Fabric Creations Brushes

Fabric/Canvas Shoes

Step 1: Cover the surface of the shoe with Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink.

Fabric Creations is a super soft fabric paint that’s water-based, non-toxic, and machine washable. It dries extremely flexible, so your shoes will still be just as comfy as ever. I used the stencil brushes to apply the paint to my shoes to help me really rub it into the fabric. Because I had polka dots to cover up, I used two coats of paint, allowing the shoes to dry in between coats. Apply however much of the paint you need to create complete, even coverage.

Step 2: Apply Fantasy Glitter!

Fantasy Glitter is a brand new product I got to play with last week at Plaid, and of course I fell head over heels for it! You can use it to add shiny, dazzling detail not just to shoes, but to jeans, tops, jackets, bags, and more! This amazing, multi-faceted glitter fabric works on both light and dark fabrics and dries flexible and soft, just like the regular Fabric Creations paints do. It’s also machine-washable after curing and heat-setting. Once the base coats on my shoes were dry, I painted on my glitter. I chose Pirate’s Gold, but there are lots of other colors you can pick from too. I loved the look of my shoes after just one coat, but if you want even MORE sparkle, feel free to add as many coats as you like.

All that was left was to let my shoes dry, which I did by sitting them outside in this gorgeous, warm, sunny weather we’re finally having! I couldn’t be more excited about how they turned out. They’re still a neutral color, so they’ll go with every outfit, and we all know that sparkle makes everything better. Because the glitter is sealed in the paint, I won’t be shedding it everywhere I go, and my shoes won’t lose their shine.

I especially love the way they look in the sunlight! Do you have a pair of damaged or boring shoes that could use a makeover? Grab some “magic potion” of your own and start transforming them! My poor TOMS were destined for the trash and now they’ve got a whole new life.

I’d love to see your Fabric Creations projects too! Share them with me in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group so we can all be inspired. Happy creating!

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DIY Glitter Shoes


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