Collage Photo Frame

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This time of year, one of my biggest challenges as a parent comes when we have a snow day. I still have work to do, but Little Crafter wants to be entertained all day long. Even as the weather warms up and we head into spring, rainy days can present the same kinds of challenges. When there’s no school or your kids can’t go outside to play, it’s good to have a few simple but fun DIY projects up your sleeve, like this Collage Photo Frame! It requires very few supplies, most of which you probably already have in your home, and allows kids to express their personalities in an artistic way.

Collage Photo Frame

– Unfinished wooden photo frame
Elmer’s Painters Acrylic Paint Marker
Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Stick
– Scissors
– Magazine{s}

Step 1: Remove the backing from the frame and use an Elmer’s Painters acrylic paint marker in whatever color you like to paint the wood. These markers are great for kids {and for me too!} because they are mess-free, they dry really quickly, and there’s no paint wasted in the process.


Step 2: Cut out photos and words from a magazine to represent favorite places and things, hobbies, etc.


Step 3: Use your Disappearing Purple Glue Stick to adhere the magazine clippings to the frame.


Step 4: Add your photo and enjoy!

Collage Photo Frame

That’s all there is to it! A bit of paint, some glue, and a few words and pictures and you’ve got a totally personalized frame! It’s something your kids will love working on because it lets them express their own personalities, and they’ll enjoy displaying it too.

Collage Photo Frame

Even though it’s a simple project, searching for and cutting out all the words and pictures can actually take up a good bit of time on a rainy day. Flipping through the magazine{s} to look for things may even inspire your child to re-read a story or give you ideas for another project to do together. So, what are you waiting for?

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