Bus Driver Gift

Bus Driver Gift

I (Erin) feel like once kids are in school, your list of who to get gifts for just keeps growing! One person that is a mainstay on our list is our wonderful bus driver. Not only does she keep my kids safe on the way to and from school, our driver always greets them with smiles and even lets my boys sit together (she’s a brave soul.) Christmas is a perfect chance to say “thanks”, and this key chain is a great way to let your bus driver know you care.

-Needle and Thread (You can also use hot glue)
-Yellow, Black, and White Felt
-Ribbon (I used my Epson LableWorks Printable Ribbon Kit)
-Key Chain Ring

Step 1: Cut your bus parts out of felt. Bus Driver Gift

Step 2: Hand stitch (or hot glue!) the bus parts on one bus side. I couldn’t decide between matching or contrasting stitches on the windows, so I tried both (and I like both, so I still can’t decide.)

Bus Driver Gift

Step 3: Cut a piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and pin it between the two bus sides. You can also go ahead and thread the ribbon through the key chain before pinning, or wait until the end to put it on the key chain. (I used my ribbon printer to add the number of the bus for some personalization, but any ribbon will do!) *If you wanted to make this an ornament, pin the ribbon at the top of the bus, and leave out the key chain ring!*

Bus Driver Gift

Step 4: Sew (or hot glue) the two bus sides together, leaving a space open to add some fluff.

Bus Driver Gift

Step 5: Add some Poly-fil, and sew shut.

Bus Driver Gift

Step 6: Add a gift tag! You can use mine HERE.


That’s it! My boys couldn’t wait, and already gave our sweet driver the present, and she loved it (since it was a little different from things she normally receives.) I love that this could be a key chain or turned into an ornament, which makes it an easy way to say “thanks” to your bus driver year ’round!

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