Fall Bookmarks and Halloween Printables!


It’s that time of year, friends!  The time when leaves start changing and kids start thinking about tricks and treats!  The students in Little Crafter’s class are encouraged to bring in a small treat to share with their friends, and I really wanted to come up with something that wasn’t edible.  First of all, there are kids in his class who are allergic to nuts, gluten, and other ingredients found in lots of candies and baked goods.  Not to mention that not everyone likes the same things…Little Crafter himself actually hates chocolate {I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where he inherited that}.  And finally, I know without a doubt that every child in the class will have more than enough sugary treats without us providing more.  So, instead, I decided to make some cute and useful fall bookmarks!


My friend Jen Goode, who is an amazing artist and designer, came up with a bunch of free Halloween printables to share and I used those as my starting point.  Here’s what I used:

– white, green, orange, and purple cardstock
Halloween Large Wrapper Printable {Bright Colors and Dots Set}
– scalloped circle punch
– 1 1/4″ circle punch
– adhesive
– paper cutter
– Bic Mark-It black permanent marker


Step 1: Download the printable {Large Wrappers} and print it out on white cardstock.

Step 2: Use a paper cutter to cut the four designs apart, then cut each one in half.

Step 3: Punch circles and scalloped circles out of your colored cardstock.

Step 4: Glue a circle inside each scalloped circle, then glue it to the bookmark.

Step 5: Use a permanent marker to write each child’s initial on a circle.  If you don’t like your own handwriting, you can use stamps or alphabet stickers instead.


Jen’s “Treat Decor” printable also has some really cute coordinating circles that say Happy Halloween that you could use instead of doing the monograms; just print them, cut them out, and glue them on.  I decided to use monograms because I thought it was personal and would help the kids {and teacher} keep track of whose bookmarks were whose if they wanted to use them in Literature class.


Jen has lots of other fabulous printables including Halloween cupcake wrappers, popcorn boxes, banners, and all kinds of fun, so be sure you stop by to grab any and all of them that you like!  It’s a great way to start getting festive, and they’re FREE!  Thanks, Jen, for sharing your designs with us!  And be sure you check out the things other bloggers have been whipping up using the same printables!  Lots of inspiration…


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