3-D Paper Hearts

Image contains two three-dimensional paper hearts on a pink background surrounded by candy hearts.

Love is in the air! Let’s get crafty for Valentine’s Day with these super-simple 3-D paper hearts. These can be made with cardstock or decorative scrapbook paper, but what’s even more special is using something that’s personal. Use pages from a favorite book (grab an extra copy at a thrift store), sheet music to a meaningful song, photocopies of handwritten love letters, or other sentimental pages to make these a one of a kind gift.

Image contains three 3-D paper hearts on a pink background.

You’ll need:

book pages (can also use sheet music, cardstock, or scrapbook paper)



jute or twine

beads (optional)

Image contains red and white twine, book pages, and an adhesive runner on a pink background.

Step 1: Fold & cut your paper.

I placed four book pages on top of each other and folded them in half. Then, I cut out a heart shape that’s about 2.5″ tall. You can freehand this if you like, or draw/trace a pattern.

Image contains a pair of scissors and a hand holding hearts cut from book pages on a pink background.

Step 2: Make a loop of jute or twine and tie it at the bottom.

This will be the hanger for your heart. If you want a bead below your heart, add it during this step by pinching the top of the loop together and threading it through the bead. Beads with very small openings won’t work well for this project.

Image contains four heart shapes cut from book pages and a piece of jute on a pink background.

Step 3: Apply adhesive and glue two hearts together at the fold.

Repeat this step with the other two hearts so that you have two pieces, each with three sides.

Image contains a hand assembling a paper heart project on a pink background.

Step 4: Assemble your finished heart.

Place the jute on top of one of your pieces, then apply adhesive and attach the other piece on top. Make sure to line up the paper hearts as carefully as you can. Now, your heart should be three-dimensional, with four different faces. If you like, add more beads on top.

Image contains two three-dimensional paper hearts made from book pages on a pink background.

The best part about this project is that you can make it so personal by using a favorite book, a special song, or even photocopies of handwritten love notes. Choosing different colors of twine and beads will also make each of these heart projects unique.

Image contains two paper hearts made from sheet music, on a pink background.

What do you think? What sentimental material could you use to make these hearts a meaningful gift for someone you love? If you try this project, be sure to share your project photos in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so we can all be inspired!

Image contains a three-dimensional paper heart made from a handwritten note on a pink background.

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Image contains a collage of 3-D Paper hearts on a pink background.

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