3-D Paper Eggs

Image contains two 3-D paper eggs made of patterned scrapbook paper in teal, purple, white, pink, and yellow. They sit on a white background, surrounded by multi-colored beads, pink and purple cardstock, and a right green adhesive tape runner.

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s also National Crafting Month! Let’s celebrate by making this super-simple 3-D paper egg project. You only need a few basic supplies, and it’s quick and easy to create. Take a look:

You’ll need:

patterned/colored scrapbook paper

scissors (or your Cricut machine)

adhesive (I used Tombow Power Mini Glue Tape)


beads (optional)

Image contains a stack of patterned scrapbook paper, a pink adhesive tape runner, and a pair of white handled scissors on a white background.

Step 1: Cut 6 identical egg shapes from patterned paper.

I like doing two each of three different but coordinating colors/patterns. You can cut them by hand, drawing or printing a pattern and cutting it out with scissors, or you can use your electronic cutting machine if you prefer.

Pro tip: While I like using colorful papers for spring, you can also do this project with book pages, sheet music, or any other type of paper you have on hand.

Image contains six paper egg shapes cut from patterned scrapbook paper in pink, white, and yellow. They sit on a white background with a pair of white-handled scissors above.

Step 2: Fold each shape in half lengthwise, with the right sides of the paper facing inward.

Step 3: Stack the folded shapes.

Start with one folded egg. Attach a second folded egg on top of it, adhering it to the one below. Continue stacking all six, adhering each one to the egg below it. I like to stack mine in a pattern, so I alternated the three designs: teal flower, purple flower, solid purple, repeat.

Image contains Amy's hands adhering a stack of folded egg shaped paper pieces together. It is on a purple background surrounded by egg shaped pieces of teal and purple patterned scrapbook paper.

Step 4: Carefully open the stack and lay it flat so that the top and bottom parts of the stack are side by side.

Now, instead of a semi-circle, you should be looking at a full egg shape. This should be the BACK side of the patterned paper.

Step 5: Add a hanger.

Fold your piece of jute in half and tie a knot at the bottom. Place it in the center of your shape. If you like, you can add a bead to the jute and slide it down to just above the knot.

Image shows a hand placing a piece of jute on top of a white egg-shaped paper on a purple background.

Step 6: Apply adhesive to the paper and fold along the center line.

This will secure the jute inside and give you a three-dimensional egg.

Image contains a hand adhering a 3-D paper egg together. The egg is made of purple and teal patterned scrapbook paper and is on a purple background.

Optional: Add a bead to the top.

Image contains Amy's hand holding a completed 3-D paper egg made from pink, yellow, and white patterned scrapbook paper.

Now, your festive little egg is ready to display! Hang it anywhere you like, or string several of these together to form a fun garland for spring.

Image contains a 3-D paper egg made of patterned scrapbook paper hanging from a silver drawer knob.

These are so simple to create, and I love seeing how many fun combinations I can create by using paper in different patterns and colors. It’s also a great way to use up your paper scraps that are left from other projects. To add even more variety, you can use different shapes, like we did for the 3-D Paper Hearts project. Feel free to be as creative as you like to make it your own.

Image contains a 3-D egg made of patterned scrapbook paper including yellow with white polka dots, white with pink and yellow flowers, and pink with polka dots. It sits on a white background with scrapbook paper visible.

What do you think? If you try this project, I’d love to see how yours turn out! Be sure you’re part of the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so you can share your photos and we can all inspire each other. See you there! Before you go, check out my other spring and holiday projects here, then let’s get creative.

Image is a project collage of 3-D paper eggs.


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