Valentine’s Day Wooden Bead Garland

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit obsessed with wooden bead garlands! Here’s a fun and festive one that’s perfect the Valentine season. Check out this video for a full project walk-through, or read the step by step instructions below to help you create your own.

You’ll need:
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25 or more wooden beads (assorted sizes)


acrylic paint (red, pink)


small wood slice

Scorch Marker

heat tool (1000+ watts) or oven heated to 300 F

Valentine Stencil Set

Cricut or other electronic cutting machine (I used the Cricut Maker 3)

removable vinyl

Image contains a wooden bead garland on top of a large wood slice, surrounded by colored candy hearts.

Step 1: Plan your pattern.

Choose a layout for your beads. Decide how long you want your garland to be, as well as what pattern of sizes and colors you want for your project. My pattern was small-medium-large-medium-small.

Step 2: Paint your beads.

Once you have your pattern planned, paint your beads accordingly using acrylic or multi-surface paint. If you want a matte finish, you can also use chalk paint. I painted my small beads red and the large ones pink, leaving the medium beads their natural wood color. Let them dry completely before moving on.

Step 3: String your beads.

String your beads onto a piece of jute or twine. Tie a decorative tassel on one end.

Step 4: Decorate the wood slice.

I decided to use the Scorch Marker to burn a cute little heart onto mine. You can also hand letter on your wood slice, use stickers/vinyl to decorate it, or paint a design.

Image contains a small wood slice with a wood burned heart design on top of a larger wood slice decorated with candy hearts.

To create a wood burned design like mine, first download the free Valentine Stencil Set from Scorch Marker’s website. Use your cutting machine to cut the design from a piece of removable vinyl. Peel out the center of the design, leaving the negative image as a stencil. Place the stencil on the wood slice and color in the open spaces with the Scorch Marker. Apply heat and the ink will react, burning the design permanently into the wood.

Step 5: Tie on your wood slice.

Add decorative ribbon if you like.

Image contains a stack of three books labeled "love lives here" with a decorative wooden bead garland on top and candy hearts around it.

Now your garland is ready to display on a shelf, mantle, tray, or anywhere else in your home. This also makes a cute little gift, so why not make two: one for yourself and one to give away?

Image contains a decorative tray styled with two white ceramic houses, a wooden bead garland, and a sign with a heart that reads, "love."

If you try this project, I’d love to see how yours turns out! Make sure you’re part of the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group so you can ask questions, share your project photos, and we can all inspire each other. See you there! Don’t forget to check out my other holiday projects too. Happy Creating!

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