10 Easy Valentine’s Day Doodles

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the cards and gifts we want to give to the people we love most! To help you out, I wanted to share 10 easy Valentine’s Day doodles you can use to help you make your own hand-drawn love notes. First, we’ll look at 8 different styles of hearts, then two little envelopes filled with love. Grab a pencil and some sketch paper and let’s get started!

Drawing Hearts

Tall & Thin Heart

We all know how to draw a “regular” heart shape. To give it a little bit of extra character, one option is to stretch it out vertically, making it tall and thin. Just start like you normally would, but keep the curve tight and extend the side line down further than usual. Repeat on the other side. Then, fill in your heart with color and maybe even a pattern, like these polka dots!

Short & Sweet Heart

The opposite of the Tall and Thin heart, this style stretches your illustration horizontally. To draw it, just make your curve extend out to the side a little extra, then bring the bottom line in quickly. You’ll get a short and sweet heart that looks oh so cute when you color it in. I also like to add a little highlight line to give a bit of dimension to my drawing.


One of my favorite things to do when drawing hearts is to purposely allow one side to be taller than the other. It takes the pressure off, because you don’t have to worry about the sides of your heart being perfectly symmetrical. And it adds a playful, quirky feel at the same time! Once again, color it in and add any patterns or highlights you like.


Since Valentine’s Day is often about celebrating two people in a relationship, why not join two hearts together literally in a drawing? Start with the back heart, then draw a slightly smaller one overlapping it on one side. I like to use a different color for each heart to really make the image pop and to show the two distinct shapes joining together.


This fancy little heart is actually simple to draw. Start with your basic heart shape, then go around the edge continually drawing a series of little bumps. You can color them in or leave them white. I like the feminine feel of this one, and it reminds me of making Valentine cards using paper doilies when I was little!


One of the most common associations with Valentine’s Day is the idea of being shot through the heart with Cupid’s arrow. To draw this, start with your heart shape, then sketch an arrow going through it. I put mine on a diagonal, but you can do it any way you like. Erase the center section of the arrow and draw short curving lines on each end of the part that’s left. This will make it look like the arrow is piercing the heart.


This basic heart shape is surrounded by a series of lines bursting out from it. I alternated between shorter and longer lines, but you can also keep them all the same length.


To draw this elegant heart, you’ll start with a spiral on the left side. As you bring your pen down to the bottom, form a little loop, then head upward to form the right side of the heart. You can finish it off like I did, or add a second spiral on the right.


Drawing an envelope is all about basic shapes. Start with a rectangle, then draw a triangle in the top half. Draw a second triangle in the bottom half that overlaps the first one. Erase the top of the second triangle so that the upper flap is overlapping the lower part of the envelope. Add a heart or a lip shape to seal it with love!


To draw an open envelope, you’ll start with a rectangle, then put a triangle shape on top. This will resemble a simple house. Draw a heart shape coming out of the envelope and erase the part that would be on the inside. Color in your heart and add other small hearts around it. Write “love” or someone’s name across the envelope for a finishing touch.

That’s all there is to it! Now you have 10 simple Valentine’s Day doodles you can use to personalize cards and love notes for someone special. Feel free to play around with creating other heart shapes too; you may come up with a new design you love. Be sure to Pin these doodles for later or to share with a friend:

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