Back to School Bracelets

Celebrate the upcoming start of the school year with these fun Back to School Bracelets! Customize them with any combination of colors, letters, and numbers you can imagine.

Image is a collage of bracelets made from clay beads with the project name across the center, designed for Pinterest.

How to Make Back to School Bracelets

These bracelets only require three basic supplies and a pair of scissors. The best part is that each one you create will be totally unique! There are so many ways to personalize them for your friends, your kids, or the teachers in your life. Let’s get started.

Image contains a stack of three beaded bracelets made from various shades of green clay beads, and a stack of three beaded bracelets made from blue, white, and black clay beads.


Image contains an assortment of clay bead bracelets in a variety of colors and patterns on a white background.


Choose your colors and create a pattern.

You can create any type of pattern you like. Solid colored bracelets are fun, and so are bracelets that alternate colors. Try sets of three or five beads of one color, then another color, in a repeating pattern. If you’d like to make a pencil themed bracelet, string 5 pink beads, 3 grey beads, as many yellow beads as you like, then 5 light brown and three black beads.

Image contains two plastic divided trays, each containing an assortment of colorful clay beads.
Lay out your letter/number beads.

This is the part where you get to totally personalize your back to school bracelet! Of course, you can use names, but there are tons of other possibilities too! School names, abbreviations, or mascots can be fun, and so can special messages between you and the recipient. For younger kids, you could use their bus number to help them remember which bus to ride in the afternoon. Older kids might like to feature the year they’ll graduate!

Image contains a divided plastic tray containing beads with letters and numbers on them.
String your beads.

It is very easy for these beads to fall off the string while you’re working, so instead of cutting my string before I start, I keep it attached to the spool until I’m finished beading.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding one end of an elastic cord with blue, white, and grey beads on it. There are more blue, white, and grey beads beside it on a white table.
Cut and tie the string.

Make sure your bracelet is large enough, then cut the string with a few extra inches on each side and tie it tightly, knotting it at least three times.

Image contains seven beaded bracelets made from colorful clay beads.

Pro tip: Use a drop of super glue on the knot to make sure your bracelet doesn’t come untied.

Now your bracelet is ready to wear and enjoy!

Image contains a boy’s arm wearing three clay bead bracelets.

Crafting Tips

  • In addition to letter and number beads, you can also add other accent beads, like stars, hearts, or charms of all shapes and sizes.
  • White beading elastic tends to tie easier and stay tied more tightly than the clear elastic does.
  • These bracelets are even more fun when you stack them! Try creating a coordinating set!
Image contains five clay bead bracelets in a variety of colors on a white background.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the clay beads?

My clay beads are 6mm in diameter and 1 mm thick, with a 2mm opening in the center.

What size are the letter/number beads?

Mine are 7mm in diameter, 4mm thick, and have a 2mm opening.

What size elastic do I need?

Since the beads have 2mm openings, any elastic that’s 1.5 mm or smaller will work just fine. I recommend 1mm or 0.8mm.

How big should I make my bracelet?

The best option, if possible, is to measure the wrist of the person who will be wearing the bracelet. If you can’t, here are some general guidelines: Kids – 6”, Teens/petite adults – 7”, Women – 7.5”, Men – 8”.

Image contains a variety of clay bead bracelets on a white background.

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Back to School Bracelets

These trendy DIY bracelets are a perfect gift for teachers and students.
Author: Amy Latta


  • clay beads
  • letter/number beads
  • elastic cord
  • scissors
  • super glue (optional)


  • Choose your colors and pattern.
  • Lay out your letter and/or number beads.
  • String your beads onto elastic cord.
  • Cut and tie the cord, securing the knot with super glue.

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