Kissing Booth Valentine’s Day Sign with Scorch Marker

Image contains a wooden sign with the words "kissing booth, 25 cents) and two hearts, on a white background with candy hearts and a marker.

Let’s make a fun piece of wood burned Valentine’s Day decor!

You’ll need:

Scorch Marker

Heat Tool (1000+ watts OR an oven)

Valentine’s Day Stencil Files

Removable Vinyl

Electronic Cutting Machine (I used the Cricut Maker 3)

Cutting Mat

Transfer Tape

Sand Paper (fine grit)

Wood rectangle

Sealer of your choice

To create the sign just like mine, you’ll need to download a special set of stencil/sticker files that I designed for use with your Cricut or other cutting machine. These files are available on the Scorch Marker website, and are FREE to download with the code: ilovestencils. Here’s a peek at the 11 different images that are included (as SVG, PNG, DXL, and AI files).

Image contains 11 Valentine themed stencil images including hearts and phrases.

Download the stencil images here!

These images can be used in any way you like; as stickers or as stencils! There are lots of projects you can make with them, like the Lots of Hearts mug I shared using the heart images and permanent vinyl. To create this Kissing Booth Sign, watch this quick 2 minute video and/or follow the written photo tutorial below.

Step 1: Cut your stencil from removable vinyl.

To do this, first upload the image(s) you want to use into Cricut Design Space or the software for your cutting machine. I used the Kissing Booth image as well as the heart with arrow. Size the image to fit your particular piece of wood. If you are using multiple images like I did, make sure to attach them so that the machine knows to cut it all as one design rather than a bunch of separate pieces.

Image shows a screenshot of the Cricut Design Space app with a design on the canvas and the layers tab opened.

Send the design to your cutting machine and let it work its magic to cut a piece of removable vinyl. It doesn’t matter what color vinyl you use, since it’s just acting as a stencil. I recommend using a scrap left over from another project!

Step 2: Weed your stencil.

This means peeling out the cut pieces of vinyl. It feels opposite to what we normally do with cut vinyl, because we’re removing the letters and keeping the negative image.

Image contains a hand holding a black stencil with the words "kissing booth 25 cents" and two hearts with arrows.

Step 3: Use transfer paper to place the stencil on your sanded wood.

Place a piece of clear transfer paper on top of the stencil, rub to adhere, and peel the backing away from the vinyl. Then, position the stencil exactly where you want it on your wood (make sure it’s well-sanded and as smooth as possible first!). Rub to adhere, then peel off the transfer paper. Your stencil should be stuck to the wood.

Step 4: Color in the open spaces with the Scorch Marker.

I used the bullet tip end of the marker. The areas where you apply the marker will look wet and slightly pink. Remove the stencil.

Image contains a black stencil on a piece of wood that reads, "kissing booth 25 cents" and has two hearts with arrows.

Step 5: Apply heat.

Use a heat tool (1000+ watts of power) or an oven heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. As the marker ink heats up, a chemical reaction will take place, permanently burning the design into the wood and causing it to change color from pink to brown. The more heat you apply, the darker the burn will be. Make sure if you are using a heat tool to move it around constantly to avoid creating darkened “hot spots.”

Step 6: Apply a sealer.

Use your favorite sealer, stain, or wood finish to protect your project. Then it’s ready for display!

Image contains a wooden sign that reads, "kissing booth 25 cents" with two hearts, along with scattered candy hearts and a Scorch Marker.

Of course, you can also use this design for other types of projects, including using the stencil in combination with paint to create a pillow, a colorful canvas, a wall sign, and more. You can also use the parts of the design that you removed from the stencil as vinyl stickers. The possibilities are endless!

Image contains a wooden sign that reads, "kissing booth 25 cents" and has two hearts, on a white background with scattered candy hearts and a Scorch Marker.

I’d love to see what you create using this set of free designs! Don’t forget to grab them now and use the code: ilovestencils at checkout. And of course, grab a Scorch Marker while you’re there so you can create this and other amazing wood burned projects without the mess. When you’re done, be sure to share your project photos in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so we can all be inspired. See you there!

Image is a collage of images featuring a wood burned kissing booth sign.

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