Edible Art: Candy Mosaics

Edible Mosiacs

I don’t know about you, friend, but I think the idea of art I can eat is pretty awesome. I mean, it combines two of my favorite things…creativity and a good snack! My friend Pinwheel and I are having a blast teaching this five week Edible Art class at our kids’ school on Wednesdays and I hope you’ve been enjoying the projects too. In case you missed them, we’ve already created pretzel log cabins, edible ink {and canvases}, and edible play dough! This week, we have two more projects we’re really excited about and I’d love to share the first one with you today.

Mosaics are a really fun art form no matter how you create them, so we thought the kids would enjoy making edible ones. Here’s what you need:

Edible Mosaic


Homemade graham crackers or gingerbread {you can substitute storebought graham crackers too}
Buttercream frosting
Plastic knives
Assorted small candies

Step 1: Cover your base with a thick layer of frosting. 

Step 2: Gently press candies into the frosting to create a design!

Candy Mosaic

The design can be anything you like, from a geometric pattern to a beach scene.

Edible Mosaics
These were so easy to create, and especially if you buy the crackers and frosting, it takes no time at all. Pinwheel decided to make ours by hand because of who she is as a person {she makes the most amazing and delicious desserts!} but it’s totally your call.

Candy Mosaic
Once the mosaics are assembled, they’re ready to eat! This is one piece of artwork I definitely wouldn’t mind digesting! What do you think? Do you know some kiddos…or maybe some grownups…who would enjoy giving this a try?


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