Edible Paint and Canvas Project

For the next several weeks, my friend and I are teaching an Edible Art class at Little Crafter’s school on Wednesday afternoons. It’s turning out to be more fun than we even imagined it would be, and the kids are having a blast! We are challenging ourselves each week to see if we can make the entire project 100% edible, and so far, we’ve succeeded.


Last week, we created our own versions of Lincoln’s Log Cabin using pretzel sticks and candies. This week, we decided to paint with edible ink and sculpt with edible clay. Today, I want to share with you how simple it is to make your own edible paint/ink that not only works for kids’ projects but can be used for grownup projects like hand lettering too! Check it out…


You’ll need:

1 packet of Kool-Aid mix {per color}
1 Tbsp water


That’s really it! Just two super-simple ingredients to create your own edible paint.

Besides the ingredients for the paint itself, here are a few supplies you’ll want to have on hand:

Small bowls, cups, or muffin tins to hold the paint
Measuring spoons
Watercolor paper {optional}


All you have to do is combine the packet of mix and the tablespoon of water in a container and stir until the powder dissolves. Your paint will be ready to use! We gave each pair of kids a muffin tin to share and six different colored packets of Kool-Aid…red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each child was in charge of mixing/creating three of the colors, then they shared the tin of paint with their partners.


That brings us to the canvas…remember how we wanted the projects to be 100% edible? My co-teacher had the fantastic idea of letting the kids paint on flour tortillas! Genius!


The  colors actually showed up really well on the tortilla canvases, and the students had a great time making all kinds of images…everything from designs and doodles to beautiful sunsets!


Of course, I knew some of the kids {like my own son} would want to be able to preserve their artwork forever instead of ingesting it and since a tortilla could dry out and crumble, I provided hot press watercolor paper for those who preferred to go that route. Naturally, I had to quality test the paint, so what better way than to use it for some hand lettering, right?


It was really easy to work with this “paint” and a cool side effect is that it dries slightly glossy and raised off the paper. It almost looks like the effect you get when you stamp something and use clear embossing powder on top. Plus, you get the extra bonus that it smells fabulous…although the kiddos say it tastes pretty sour. What do you think? What kind of projects could you use this for in your house?

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