Blankets, Buddies, and Bunnies

One of the best things about being an artsy person is when you can use your hobbies to bring joy to others.  Recently, our Bible study group decided to take on a new project: making fleece tie blankets to give to patients in a local nursing home.  We’re getting together next Friday to make them, but today was fabric shopping day…yay!  Four of us girls plus our combined six children, ranging in age from 7 months to 4 years, descended on Jo-Ann fabrics with a mission.  An hour and forty-five minutes later, we emerged with enough fleece to make sixteen blankets, and a receipt for $240.83.  (Gulp!)

Frankly, I think the staff and our fellow customers were glad to see us leave since we held up the line at the cutting counter for quite some time…we had a ton of fleece, plus we’d mistakenly thought some things were on sale for $4.99 a yard that were actually $14.99 a yard.  Which meant we had to regroup and re-choose some things.  But I’d say it was a success! 

All of our kids held it together really well and we got what we needed to bring cheer to others in our community.  Special thanks to my girls April, Jess, and Jess (both are Jess S.’s, so we resorted to calling them ‘short Jess’ and ‘tall Jess’) 🙂  There aren’t words for how much I love you guys!

Well, after all that was said and done, I figured I was crafted out for the day, but not so for Noah.  On the way home, he started saying, “Noah wants to make a craft please, Mama.”  What’s a mama to do?  I asked him what he wanted to make.  He said, “a bunny.  A brown bunny.”  Um, ok…  So I did a mental inventory of our craft supplies already at home.  What could I use to make a bunny?  Then it hit me; years ago my parents used to do craft shows and my mom made all kinds of cool things, one of which was a boo-boo bunny!  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a cute little rabbit made out of a washcloth with a hole to put ice in.  When your child gets a boo-boo, you pop some ice in and let the bunny be a little comfort object while it numbs the hurt.  Here’s how we made it:

- washcloth
– thin ribbon
– googly eyes
– scissors & glue
– pom-pom for tail (and for nose, if desired)

STEP 1: Turn washcloth so it resembles a diamond instead of a square.  Starting with the bottom corner, roll up until you reach the middle of the washcloth.  Then, starting from the top corner, roll toward the middle until rolls meet.

STEP 2: Fold rolled washcloth in half so that remaining corners meet.  Grab from bottom and push part of washcloth up to form head and ears.

STEP 3: Tie ribbon around head to hold it in place. 

STEP 4: Glue on eyes and tail.  They’re really cute with noses too, but we didn’t have any of the tiny pom-poms on hand and the big ones looked goofy.

The finished bunny is ready to use as soon as the glue dries.  You can stick a small plastic egg in the hole until the bunny is needed for medical purposes, and it makes a cute Easter decoration too. 🙂

The actual forming of the bunny and bow-tying are a little complicated for younger kids, but even the littlest helper can assist with rolling the washcloth and gluing on the eyes, nose, and tail.  Noah loves the finished product…I just hope he doesn’t actually need to use it anytime soon!

Well, this artsy mama is exhausted for today!  Hope you all have a great one!

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  1. What a busy day you guys had…
    I love the boo-boo bunny…I can bring you some pom-poms for the nose and tail tomorrow…
    Brings back memories…

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