Paper Plate Boat

I really look forward to Sundays.  First of all, we make cinnamon rolls for breakfast!  But my favorite part is when we take time to do “Noah’s church.”  We wanted to make sure we were doing something with him because while we get our fellowship and study time, Noah is just having fun watching movies and playing on the playground.  He loves that too, but we wanted to be sure he was also learning to know Jesus in a purposeful way. So, we make time to sing some of his favorite songs, then read a Bible story and make a craft related to it.  It’s been such fun for all of us, and he’s really learning the stories!
This week, the story we read was when Jesus calms the storm.  Here’s the craft we made to go along with it…it would also go along with last week’s story of Jesus walking on the water.
Materials: glue, paper plate, mini popsicle stick, craft foam, foam adhesives or stickers, blue tissue paper, brown crayon, marker
 STEP 1: Use a marker to draw a basic half-circle boat shape and triangle sail.
STEP 2: Color bottom of boat with brown crayon.
STEP 3: Cut craft foam in triangle shape and glue to plate on top of sail.
STEP 4: Glue wooden stick on top.
 STEP 5: Decorate sail with foam adhesives or stickers.
STEP 6: Make “water” by scrunching up small pieces of blue tissue paper and gluing them to plate beneath boat.
STEP 7: Add foam fish or fish stickers in “water.”
I think it turned out really cute and Noah enjoyed working with several different materials and practicing different skills within one craft.  Now I have to start brainstorming some VBS crafts…the 21st will be here before I know it!

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  1. this is cute! i love the fact that you incorporate lessons into your son’s day! we try to do the same! i have a similar Noah’s Ark activity that we did for MOPPETS i should post sometime! thanks so much for linking this up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party!! hope to see you again this week!

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