Growing Your Blog: Advertising and Affiliates

When I first started blogging, I never even thought about having advertisements on my site or becoming an affiliate for various companies.  But, as I got more comfortable with my place in the blogosphere and started gaining a following, I started to receive emails from different companies asking me if I would be interested in reviewing their products.  Over time, I realized that advertisers and affiliates can definitely benefit us bloggers just as much as we help them.  Here’s a little about each and how they can help you:

This is anyone who pays you in some way to promote them on your blog.  It could be:
          A fellow blogger or shop owner who wants to do a button swap or buy an ad space on your sidebar
          A shop owner who wants you to review a product and host a giveaway for your readers
          A company that wants to send you products to review and/or give away to your readers
I {heart} free stuff.  So I’m all about advertisers as long as I think they have a quality product that will interest both you and me.  For example, one of my personal favorites is  Every so often, they mail Little Crafter {and mama} a box full o’ goodies for us to craft with.  Our job is to make fun stuff with it and blog about it.  Talk about a win-win!  Right now, I’m waiting for a Cutting Edge stencil to arrive so I can play with it, take lots of pics, and then give one away to a lucky reader.  Again, I win, the company wins, and you win too!  I especially enjoy promoting the shops of other gals who make handmade products.  Having an Etsy shop myself, I know how important it is to get the word out about what you make.
This is when you agree to promote a company and their products in exchange for receiving a commission on every sale made to someone who clicks on the company’s site from your blog.  You’ll be given an affiliate number and link which allows them to track who comes to them via your site.  They’ll provide you with banners and buttons to use and email you about various promotions so that you can blog about them if you choose.  They may also offer other incentives, like depositing money into your account if you post about a particular promotion, or free product.  For example, Tiny Prints sent me codes for 50 free Christmas cards and 50 free Valentine cards from their site after I blogged about them.
{woohoo for free Christmas cards…and they were GORgeous!}So far, I haven’t made any commission from any of my affiliate companies; apparently no one has made a purchase after clicking on one of my links, but I have definitely gotten some fun free things.  As of now, I’m an affiliate for: Tiny Prints, Mixbook, My Memories, Shabby Apple, and Frecklebox

If you’re interested in being an affiliate, there are two ways it happens.  One is that the company contacts you and makes you an offer to join up.  The other is to apply to them.  Most sites have a link for Affiliates that give more information.  Shabby Apple and My Memories handle their affiliates independently while others use sites like, where you can browse for other companies that might be a good fit for you and your blog.
Both advertisers and affiliates can have great benefits for you personally {yay, free stuff!} and for your blog {like attracting readers with great giveaways}.  The important things to remember are:
*Only promote companies and products you believe in – what you advertise reflects on you
*Don’t totally inundate your readers with ads and promotions.  A little goes a long way, and it’s important not to forget why you are blogging in the first place.  For every promotional post you do, make sure you have a “regular” one too, whether that’s a craft, a DIY project, a personal post, or whatever your blog is all about.

Meanwhile, speaking of advertising…
if you’ve found this series helpful, would you consider sharing a button on your blog so others can find it too?

One Artsy Mama
Hope you’ll be back tomorrow for some FAQ!


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  1. Hey Amy, I’m enjoying your series!
    It’s always nice to hear what has worked for someone else!

    I signed up for Bloglovin’ today & followed you! And I just followed you on Linky Followers. Although I agree with you that Bloglovin’ is better!

  2. Thank you so much Amy for sharing all of this great info! I still consider myself new to blogging and I have really like reading your Grow Your Blog series. You’re awesome!

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