Fashion Friday: Accessories!

Hey, friends!  It’s that time of the week again…Fashion Friday!  Today, Kara, Kirsten, and I thought we’d mix it up a little by sharing our three favorite accessories with you!

fashion fridays

As I sat down to write my post, though, I realized I had a problem.  I don’t have three favorite accessories.  I have about 347 favorites.  True story.  It all depends on the day and the outfit and how I’m feeling.  And I always tend to have a special fondness for anything new, so right now I’m crushing on a lot of the great jewelry I got at LuckyFABB…much of which you’ll be seeing {along with some great discounts!} in next Thursday’s Holiday Gift Guide!  So, instead of choosing three individual pieces, I thought I’d go with my three favorite types of accessories.

I know.  I’m a cheater.

ANYway, here they are…three things I often grab to put some WOW into an outfit.

A great scarf!


Fall and winter are the perfect time to add a stylish scarf to just about any outfit!  You can go for a cozy look by picking something grey, something fuzzy, or something crocheted or knitted.  Or, you can add some wintery holiday bling by finding a sequined scarf!  My absolute all-time favorite scarf is this turquoise and silver one I got last year at NY&Co.  The sequins are subtle enough to not be all kinds of in-your-face, but they add just enough sparkle and when the sun catches them, you can be a human disco ball.  Score.


My personal favorite scarf style is the infinity scarf, which is actually surprisingly easy to make.  You can create your own from any fabric you like, or you can wait for Pick Your Plum to put their cute chevron ones on sale.  I may or may not have a collection of those…  Moving on.

A big chunky ring

I’m a jewelry lover, and one of my favorite accessory types happens to be big funky rings.


Love ’em or hate ’em, you gotta admit they make a statement!  You can find these treasures in all kinds of cool places.  I like collecting them from places I travel.  The one on the left was a present my friend Jess bought me when we were in NY, and I got the purple one at Charming Charlie in Ohio when I was there for BloggyCon.  It’s amazing what a ring can add to an outfit.

A Statement Necklace

If you’re not going with a scarf, chances are that a statement necklace is a good call.  As a petite {read: short} person, it can be tricky finding the right ones because certain statement necklaces can be just plain overwhelming.  If you are small to begin with and then add a huge necklace, it can look like you’re about to fall over!  So, I tend to gravitate toward necklaces that are long and chunky to help spread things out a bit…make sense?


I tend to get these from all kinds of places too; some of them are pieces I’ve made, some I’ve gotten from deal sites, some were gifted to me at LuckyFABB, and of course, I always love my Origami Owl locket too!  {Notice in the bottom left corner and the bottom center photos I have a chunky ring also!}

So, those are my 3 go-to accessory types: scarves, chunky rings, and statement necklaces.  What are yours?

P.S. If you’re stopping by for the first time or for some reason haven’t heard the news, I’m in a major competition to become an Honorary Blogger for P&G Beauty!!  I would LOVE to have your vote.  No sign-in or sign-up required, just a quick click on the Lucky website.  Thanks!!!

Now head on over and see what Kirsten and Kara are loving to wear today!

Hugs & Glitter,


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