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For better or for worse, I’m one of those people who feels the need to find THE PERFECT GIFT for everyone on my Christmas list. Whether it’s my husband of almost 14 years or the neighbor I just met this year, I want my gift to be personal, thoughtful, and “just right.” Thank goodness for Shutterfly, because year after year, it’s my go to source for personalized gifts my friends and family love. Here are a few of the things I picked out this Christmas…maybe they’ll inspire you with ideas for the folks on your own list!

For the Tech Lover: A Portable Charger {with changeable faceplate}


My hubby is a tech savvy guy with multiple devices he needs to have charged at all times; a laptop, a tablet, an iPod touch, and a smart phone. One of his most common complaints is not being able to find a charger around the house {Little Crafter tends to borrow them and forget where he put them}, and he also needs his devices to stay charged at work and on business trips. So, I thought a portable charger was the perfect choice for him this year. I chose the Bokeh Frame design and used our most recent family photo…you might recognize it from our Christmas cards! An additional faceplate was just $15, so I ordered one with my favorite current photo of him with LC…this way he can swap them out and have something different to look at whenever he wants.

iPad Mini Case


One of the things on Little Crafter’s wish list this year was a new case for his tablet. He uses it daily at school to type his assignments, not to mention using it at home to play games, so you can imagine the wear and tear on the case we gave him last Christmas. This year, as you might have seen in other posts, he drew a castle in art class that he’s incredibly proud of. He’s constantly wanting to show it off to everyone, so I thought it would be fun to get it printed on his iPad Mini case. Then he can carry it with him all the time! I can’t wait to see how excited he is to have a case that features his own artwork.

For the Grandparents: Calendars

Years ago, when hubby and I were newly married, I decided to create a Wall Calendar for both my dad and my mother-in-law. Both of them loved it so much and used it so faithfully that it’s come to be an understood gifting tradition. Each year, they just expect a new calendar, which makes it easy for me! My job is just to choose a design and upload photos from the previous year. This year, it was especially fun to make my mother-in-law’s calendar since I have a new baby niece whose pictures I got to include along with Little Crafter’s!


My mom, on the other hand, prefers a Desk Calendar to keep right next to her computer. Once again, I get to choose a design and upload some of my favorite photos to make it personal. I’ve found that you simply can’t go wrong with any of Shutterfly’s calendars. You can get them in desk size, 8.5 x 11, or 12 x 12, and they’re always high quality and beautiful. Grandparents always love receiving photos, and this is a way to give them the gift of family pictures literally all year long.

For the Extended Family: Desktop Plaque


All of us have family members we don’t get to see as often as we’d like. A current family photo is a great choice for those folks, and Shutterfly has a way to give them several at once in the form of a pretty desk plaque. Available in 5 x 5, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10, these are gorgeous and glossy and come in a number of stylish designs. You can use one photo or lots of different ones, and even include a message like we did in this Simply Love design. These are a lovely piece of home decor and are even more beautiful in person than the picture conveys.

For Her: Custom Candle


If you need a gift for a lady in your life, you can’t go wrong with a custom candle! This one is for my Aunt Doris and I thought it was a neat way to giver her a photo of us that she could actually “use” at the same time. You can choose to put photos or artwork from Shutterfly’s art gallery on the glass, and you also get to pick from five different scents {Evergreen Forest, Fireside Spice, Garden Bouquet, Ocean Breeze, and Grapefruit Blossom}.



Did you know Shutterfly offers custom jewelry now? I think I’m more excited about this gift than anything else under the tree. My sister-in-law just had a baby back in August and I thought this Gold Katy Necklace with a Birthstone Charm would be perfect for her!! She tends to wear gold jewelry, so that’s what I chose, but you can also get silver if you prefer. I uploaded my niece’s photo and changed it to a sepia tone which I thought looked really pretty with the gold. Then, I added the August birthstone.


You can add as many charms as you like, and there are initial charms available as well. Although I opted for a necklace, there are also bangle bracelets {which I happen to own two of} and you can add the initial, photo, and birthstone charms to those any way you like.

I am so excited for my family and friends to open their gifts and enjoy them! And it was awfully nice to be able to order all of these things online and have them show up to my door instead of having to fight traffic and lines at the stores. Right now {until Thursday, December 10} you can save 40% on anything at Shutterfly and 50% on hard cover photo books with the code FAVES40 at checkout. What are your favorite gifts to give?

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