Handmade Necklaces for My Girls

Hey, friends!  Most of you know about {and may be tired of hearing about} my trip to BloggyConference this past weekend!  I mentioned in my recap post that the five bloggers I went with decided we would all exchange gifts when we got there…I think that may have been one of the most fun parts of the whole experience for me.  It felt like Christmas right there in the hotel room!

Each of us brought five of our favorite things for each of our friends.  Seriously.  How fun is that?!  Take a look at the five things I included in the girls’ gift bags.


1. Personalized cup: This actually combines three of my favorite things, sort of.  I used Cammie to make it, it represents that I’m always drinking coffee when I blog, and each girl’s logo represents blogging itself!

2. Metal pail: I love cute, fun places to store things, and would much rather put my pencils and small craft supplies in little buckets like this than a regular organizer.  Purple and polka dots are always a huge hit with me too!

3. Fun Nail Polish: I love love love having my nails painted {especially my toenails…I hardly ever don’t have some fun color on them}.  Blues, purples, greys, and other exciting shades are my favorites; I’m not a fan of light pinks or neutrals.

4. Mechanical Pencil: I always do my blog planning in PENCIL!  I have learned the hard way not to put anything on my calendar in pen!  And the pencil has to be mechanical…it’s the only way to go.

5. Handmade Necklace: I love making and wearing jewelry!

I also threw in the fun little “me magnets” because I think they’re pretty awesome.
Anyway, I wanted to show you the necklaces a little closer… this is Kara’s.

Owl Neckace

I got these cute little owl charms in my last complimentary shipment from Wholeport.com.  You can get them 5 for $0.99, and they’re so stinking adorable!!  I put each one on a chain, then added a wire wrapped bead.  The girls and I created a Facebook group where we chatted with each other before the conference, and I posted in there to ask their favorite colors.  Carrie and DeDe both picked black, Kara likes pink and purple, and Jenny likes purple and green.  I put each bead on a head pin, formed a wire loop at the top and wrapped it, added a jump ring, and it was ready to go!

owl necklaces

To package them, I just cut up a piece of chipboard, added some cute washi tape, and cut two slits for the chain.  The only problem I had was what to do for Kirsten.  You see, she had a birthday a few months back, and since I knew that she LOVES owls, I had already sent her this necklace: the cutie pie owl with a pearl for her June birthstone.

Owl necklace

Her favorite colors, as you can see from her blog, One Tough Mother, are red and aqua together.  I had a bunch of beads in those colors, so I decided to play around with making a cluster necklace.  I chose one large round red bead, two of the turquoise crystals I’ve been working with lately, and a handful of small beads in matching colors.  I put each bead on its own head pin, formed a wire loop, then attached them to a chain of jump rings to form this cluster!

beaded cluster necklace

I really loved the way it turned out and so did Kirsten {yaay!!}  Here’s a look that shows a little better how the beads are attached to the jump ring chain.  There are three jump rings joined together.  The largest bead is on the bottom ring, the crystals are on the middle one, and there are smaller beads on each ring to fill in the cluster.

cluster necklace

I was totally thrilled that she decided to wear it the next day with her red shirt {even though you can’t really see it in this photo, I promise she really did}!


It was really a fabulous and fun weekend with some of my favorite girls!  What do you think?  Do you like those little owls?  Which do you like better, the owl or the cluster?

Hugs & Glitter,


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