Sneak Peek: Our Shutterfly Ornament Cards


One of my favorite things to do each year is choose the design of our family’s Christmas cards! Ever since photo cards became popular about eight years ago or so, that’s what we’ve always sent. I love to send and receive them because it’s so much fun to get to “see” friends and family we aren’t in contact with very often…especially when I get to see how my friends’ children and families have grown over the past year! Typically, we choose a typical rectangle shaped card with spots for several photos, so that’s what I expected to do again this time. But when I visited the Shutterfly website to see all the options, I saw something brand new…Ornament Cards!


As soon as I saw them, I knew that’s what we had to send this year! {Shutterfly provided ours, but if they hadn’t I’d have picked the same thing anyway.} Not only were there lots of gorgeous designs to choose from, I love that they’re a keepsake our friends and family can display and look at again every Christmas as they hang one on their tree! The design I chose is called Simply Blessed. The front features white and gold snowflakes and the word, “Blessings,” along with a place for the date and names. You can use a color photo if you like, but after viewing both options, I liked black and white better for our particular picture. We took it ourselves with a tripod and the lighting was a bit off, so this fixed things up.


The back of the card features the year and more snowflakes as well as a space for another photo and a caption. Since we just moved to our new house at the end of March, I thought it would be nice to include a picture of the front of the home along with our new address. I plan on sending them out early so that our friends and family who may not have {or remember} the address will have it handy when they’re addressing their own cards.


An additional feature I took advantage of for the first time this year was colored envelopes and envelope liners. First, I chose envelopes that are a kraft brown {the other options were white, silver, gold, and red}. Then, it was time to pick my liners. There were solid colors as well as patterns, and I was able to find a pretty gold snowflake print that coordinated really well with the snowflakes on the card itself. To assemble the envelopes, all you do is slide the liner all the way in, peel off the adhesive strip and press gently to adhere it to the inside of the envelope flap.


Easy peasy, and so pretty, right? Then, each envelope gets an ornament and a pre-cut piece of ribbon, which comes with the cards.


All that’s left to do is address them! This year, as you know, I’m all about hand-lettering, so I’ve been playing around with ways to write out the addresses. I got a template called the Letter Mate that has openings for you to write in and keep each line of text straight and properly spaced…what do you think? {PS. If you’re interested in learning some basic hand lettering, head to my beginner post and try your hand at it! It’s easier than you think!}


I’m so pleased with the way these turned out and I can’t wait to share them with our loved ones this holiday season! What kinds of cards do you like to send?


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  1. I love the lettering you did on the envelopes! Sadly my handwriting looks a cross between a Doctor and 2 year old scribble.

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