PacMan Reverse Applique Shirt

So, a few weeks ago, I was in Target and I saw this shirt.
There was no question that I needed to buy it for the hubs.
{Does that totally give us away as children of the 80’s?}
Meanwhile, of course LC was with me, and he got a little jealous.  He actually knows who PacMan is, thanks to the iPod touch, and enjoys trying to play the game and “eat the monsters,” as he calls them.  So, that meant an endless search for a child’s PacMan t-shirt…which is impossible to find in stores, and costs at least $18 online.  No thanks.
I thought to myself, “Hey, you’re supposed to be an artsy mama, right?  And PacMan, well, he’s  just a circle with 1/8 cut out.  There has to be a way to make this sucker for cheap.”
…so here it is in all its 97 cent glory!
I guess to be fair I should include the cost of the black shirt, but I think my mom actually picked that up for him sometime last summer thinking we could craft with it somehow, so I don’t even know what it cost.  All I bought was a 97 cent fat quarter of yellow fabric at WalMart.
To make your own PacMan masterpiece, all you need is:
– a tshirt
– yellow fabric
– black thread
– scissors
– sewing machine, pins
I did a simple reverse applique; a full tutorial with pics can be found here; that’s the one I used.
Basically, I just traced one of LC’s bowls onto a piece of paper to get a perfect circle, then folded it so it was divided in eighths.  I cute out one section, and POW, you get PacMan.  I cut a blob {yes, that’s a technical term} of yellow fabric that was slightly larger than my PacMan pattern, turned the t-shirt inside out, and pinned the fabric where I wanted the design to be.  I also pinned the pattern on.  Then, I sewed around the pattern, trimmed the excess fabric, turned the shirt right side out, and cut out the shirt that was covering the yellow fabric.  Again, if that doesn’t make sense, go here!
Is it perfect?  Um, nope.  I learned {the hard way} to be extra careful that your fabric doesn’t pucker while you’re sewing.  It’s not super noticeable though, and a certain someone doesn’t seem to mind.
That’s what I did with fabric this week…what about you?
Remember, fabric is this week’s challenge material!  If you make something, send me a pic or a link and I’ll feature it on the Facebook page to help inspire our contestants!
Happy Crafting!

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