“Berry Best” Felt Strawberry Gift

Let’s create a sweet little handmade gift to let mom (or another special person in your life) know that she’s the “berry best”! This felt strawberry is fun and easy to make; take a look.

Image is a collage of two photos of felt strawberries, along with a caption reading “Berry Best Felt Strawberry.” It is intended for Pinterest.

How to Make a Felt Strawberry

This project only requires a few basic supplies, and some simple hand sewing. However, if you don’t sew, never fear, you can glue your strawberry together using hot glue or liquid craft glue instead. To make your crafting even easier, I’ve created a free pattern you can download and use for cutting the felt pieces. Ready to craft? Grab the materials below, and let’s get started!

Image contains a large felt strawberry with a smiling face, and two small felt strawberries on a round white stand. A pink paper tag that reads, “you’re the berry best mom!” is attached to the large berry.


  • red, green, and pink felt
  • scissors
  • craft eyes
  • red, green, pink, and black thread or embroidery floss
  • sewing needle
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks or craft glue
  • free strawberry pattern
  • optional: printable tag


Cut felt pieces using the free strawberry pattern download.

You’ll need two strawberries, one topper, one stem, and two cheeks. I recommend printing the pattern onto cardstock, but you can also use regular printer paper if that’s what you have on hand.

Image contains red green and pink felt shapes and a pair of light-blue handled scissors on a white background.
Hand sew around the sides and bottom of the two felt strawberry pieces.

Leave an opening at the top for stuffing the berry. If you’re using glue instead, make sure to only apply it around the outer edges so that there’s plenty of room for the Poly-Fil inside.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding two berry shaped pieces of red felt that have been sewn together around the sides and bottom.
Add Poly-Fil, then sew the top shut.
Image contains Amy’s hand holding a stuffed berry shape made of red felt.
Stitch (or glue) the topper and stem in place.

Position the stem on top of the berry, then add the topper, overlapping the stem. It’s very likely that once the berry is stuffed, the topper may not match up with it exactly, so feel free to trim the topper however you need to in order for it to fit well. I stitched around the entire outline of the topper, but if you want your leaves to be able to move a bit, you can just sew across the top.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a plush felt strawberry.
Attach eyes with hot glue.

I used 10mm flat back black eyes, but you can use whatever size/style eyes you like best.

Sew (or glue) on cheeks.
Image contains Amy’s hand holding a plush strawberry with eyes and pink cheeks.
Embroider a smile.

I used a backstitch and two strands of black embroidery floss to create a “u” shape for the mouth.

Image contains a plush felt strawberry with a smiling face on a white background.

All that’s left to do is package and share your handmade gift! One option is to use the free printable tag at the bottom of the pattern page. Just cut along the outline, punch out the hole, and attach it to the berry using twine, ribbon, and/or a safety pin.

Another option is to use a berry box! You can create a little DIY box using chipboard and scrapbook paper, or use a real berry box from the market. However you choose to package it, this little gift is sure to bring a huge smile.

Image contains a plush felt strawberry sitting in a kraft-colored chipboard box labeled “berry best mom.” Two smaller felt berries sit nearby.

Crafting Tips

  • Try using google eyes to give your berry a different look!
  • Make some smaller berries to go along with your large one. Just cut smaller versions of the felt shapes, then stitch “seeds” using white thread instead of adding a face.
  • Add a ribbon loop to allow you to hang the berry from a hook or knob.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sheets of felt do I need?

One sheet of each color (red, green, pink) is plenty to make more than one strawberry!

How can I create the mouth if I don’t sew?

You can cut a smile from black felt instead, or glue a piece of string onto the berry in a “u” shape.

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If you create a felt strawberry of your own, I’d love to see how it turns out! Make sure you’re part of the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so you can share your latest project photos and we can all inspire one another. I hope to see you there! You can also tag me @amylattacreations in any social shares of your project.

“Berry Best” Felt Strawberry

This cute little felt friend makes a great Mother’s Day (or any day) gift!
Author: Amy Latta


  • scissors
  • embroidery needle
  • hot glue gun


  • felt: red, pink, green
  • embroidery or sewing thread: red, pink, green, black
  • pair of craft eyes
  • Poly-Fil
  • hot glue sticks
  • free printable pattern and tag


  • Cut felt pieces using the free strawberry pattern download.
  • Hand sew around the sides and bottom of the two strawberry pieces.
  • Add Poly-Fil, then sew the top shut.
  • Stitch (or glue) the topper and stem in place.
  • Attach eyes with hot glue.
  • Sew (or glue) on cheeks.
  • Embroider a smile.
  • Optional: Attach free printable tag.

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