Cottage Core Jar Lantern

Cottage Core decor is everywhere right now, and I don’t know about you, but I’m here for the trend! Mushrooms and fairies and cheerful cottages tucked into a magical forest are so much fun; let’s bring a little bit of that vibe into our crafting!

Image contains a mason jar decorated with a doodled mushroom house and a twine bow, and filled with fairy lights.

How to Make a Cottage Core Lantern

This project has two main components. First, we’re going to turn some simple cottage core doodles into stickers. Then, we’re going to use those stickers to transform a mason jar into a decorative lantern. Ready to craft with me? Grab the supplies below, and let’s get started!


Image contains two jar lanterns, one decorated with a toadstool house, and one with a mushroom.

I’m sharing the full tutorial for how to doodle these whimsical images and create the lanterns over on the Tombow USA blog. Click below to see all the instructions, broken down step by step to make this project totally doable for crafters of all ages.

Crafting Tips

  • Make your lantern totally unique by using whatever type of cottage core doodles you like best! I used a Toadstool House and a little mushroom, but you can also draw fairies, flowers, and more.
  • To cover up the battery pack on the fairy lights, add some Poly-Fil or some shredded paper to the bottom of your jar.
  • Vary the size of your lantern by using larger or smaller jars.
  • Try different colors of fairy lights for a unique look.

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