Paper Bead Jewelry

Image contains a necklace, two bracelets, and four pairs of dangle earrings made from paper beads.

Looking for an inexpensive and fun project for crafters of all ages? Let’s make Paper Bead Jewelry! This project is great, because it allows you to recycle old paper, like magazine pages, flyers, previous artwork, etc. by turning it into beads. Then, we can use those beads to create all kinds of jewelry. Take a look…

You’ll need:

For the beads –

paper (I used pages from an old magazine)


ruler (optional)

glue (I used Mod Podge Satin)

For bracelet/necklace: beads and elastic cord

For earrings: ear wires, head pins, rounded needle nose pliers, beads

Image contains an assortment of rolled paper beads in a variety of colors on a white background.

Step 1: Cut your paper into triangles.

These should be long, thin, isosceles triangles. The bottom of the triangle should whatever width you want the finished bead to be. Mine were 15mm.

If you want to make your triangles perfectly neat and even, you can measure and use a straight edge. Or, if you’re like me and aren’t so concerned with perfection, you can just freehand them.

Image contains an assortment of paper beads, a triangle cut from a magazine page, a jar of Mod Podge, and a pair of blue handled scissors on a white background.

Step 2: Wrap your triangle around a skewer or toothpick, adding glue.

Start with the bottom section of the triangle and roll it around the skewer to form the bead. As you go, apply glue (I used Mod Podge Satin Formula) to the back side of the triangle to adhere it together.

Image contains Amy's hand rolling a triangle cut from a magazine page around a wooden skewer. In the background there is a jar of Mod Podge and a pile of rolled paper beads.

Step 3: Slide your beads off the skewer.

It’s a good idea to give the entire finished bead a coat of glue or Mod Podge to seal it.

Image contains numerous multicolored rolled paper beads on a white background.

Step 4: Create your jewelry!

To create a bracelet or necklace, cut a piece of elastic cord that’s 2″ longer than you want your piece of jewelry to be. String your paper beads, along with any other beads you like, onto the cord. Tie a knot and trim off the excess cord.

Image contains two bracelets made from paper beads on a white background; one is mainly blue, and the other is pinks and yellows.

For earrings, place your paper bead and an additional bead on a head pin. Form a wire loop at the top, then attach it to an ear wire.

Image contains a rolled paper bead and a pink crystal bead on a gold head pin, next to a gold ear wire, a gold jump ring, and a pair of pliers on a white background.

Since no two paper beads are exactly alike, your earrings won’t be identical, but you can choose beads that are mostly the same colors.

Image contains a pair of dangle earrings made from paper beads and pink crystal beads on gold ear wires. The earrings hang from the rim of a white potted plant.

There’s no limit to how creative you can be when turning your paper beads into jewelry! Make coordinating sets, or just string them all together for a fun, multi-colored look.

Image contains an assortment of jewelry made from paper beads; a necklace, two bracelets, and four pairs of earrings, on a white background.

What do you think? Which of the jewelry is your favorite? Try using different types of paper to get lots of variety in your bead colors. I can’t wait to see what you create.

Image is a collage of rolled paper beads and jewelry made with paper beads.

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  1. I love to see this craft method rejuvenated! Over 30 years ago some of our church ladies made these out of used bulletins and sold them to raise money for some ministry.

    1. Yes! I remember making them from old bulletins and cards when I was in Girl Scouts! Good ideas are timeless.

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