Faux Leather Monogram Keychains

Make a useful, personal gift for the dads, grads, or anyone in your life using just a few supplies! Here’s how you can make your own Faux Leather Monogram Keychain in less than ten minutes.

Image contains two monogram keychains; a blue “P” and a black “D” sitting on a white box with a faux plant to the side.

How To Make A Monogram Keychain


Cricut Maker 3 or other cutting machine (or scissors)
Faux Leather
Strong permanent adhesive
Key ring

Optional: tassel

Image contains fifteen sheets of faux leather in an assortment of colors.


Step 1: Choose/create your design in the Cricut Design Space app.

The specific images I used were “Keychain monogram letter ___” designed by Cat Madeira. There are also numbers and simple shapes available in this style too.

Step 2: Cut the design from Faux Leather.

Send the design to your machine. Make sure to choose the correct material, Faux Leather, then follow the prompts to load the material into your Cricut on a cutting mat, and start the cut. Let the Cricut work its magic!

Image is a screenshot from the Cricut Design Space app showing the design being sent to the machine.

Once the cut is complete, remove the shape from the cutting mat. If you’re making more than one keychain, I recommend cutting them all out at this point.

Image contains multiple monograms cut from blue, black, brown, and purple faux leather.
Step 3: Apply adhesive to the back sides of each letter and thread a key ring onto the center area.

I used a Tombow Permanent Adhesive. You can also use craft glue, fabric glue, or super glue.

Image contains a black “D” monogram with adhesive on both sides and a keyring in the center.
Step 4: Press the sides together.

Put the sticky sides together and press to seal. Now, your keychain is ready to use!

Image contains a black monogram “D” cut from faux leather and attached to a metal keyring.

These are so quick and easy to create; I made them for my dad, my father-in-law, my husband, my boys, and some friends, too. It’s fun experimenting with different colors for each person.

Image contains a variety of faux leather monogram keychains in assorted colors on a white table.

For extra decoration, you can add a tassel, too. You can find these online or in a craft store, usually in the jewelry section. To add it, just slide the tassel’s ring onto the key ring; no special tools required.

Image contains two monogram keychains; a blue “P” and a black “D” on a white box with a faux plant to the side.

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With or without tassels, these monogram keychains are a great gift for anyone in your life. And, of course, don’t forget to make one for yourself! If you try this project, I’d love to see how yours turn out! Make sure you’re part of the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group where you can share your project photos and we can all be inspired. See you there!

Image contains a variety of monogram keychains in assorted colors of faux leather.

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