Personalized Logo Coffee Mugs

Logo Coffee Mugs

One of my favorite things about creating is the ability to make things personal. Especially when it comes to making gifts, I love adding details that will really mean something to the recipient. One of the easiest things to create is a personalized coffee mug. You can use any image, word, phrase, or design you like as well as any shape, style, and color mug to make it one-of-a-kind. Today we’re going to focus on some special logo coffee mugs for my friends at Good Day PA.

I have personalized mugs in the past using permanent markers, but in the end, the design never lasts if you actually use the mug. Also, this limits you to white or light colored mugs only, because the colors won’t show up on darker surfaces. Instead, I prefer using permanent vinyl, which can be washed and holds up well to regular use. Here’s how to do it in a few easy steps!


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blank mug, your choice of color/shape/size

Cricut Design Space

Cricut Explore Air 2 or Maker

Premium Permanent Vinyl

Cricut Machine Mat


Transfer Tape

This year, I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to have my very own monthly segment, Getting Crafty, on the lifestyle show Good Day PA. I wanted to give the hosts a token of my appreciation, so I thought it would be fun to create coffee mugs using the show’s logo. You can follow the same process for any image or logo, so you can easily make mugs with the logo of your business/brand or of any logo that’s meaningful to the recipient of your gift! (Keep in mind that many logos are copyright or trademarked, though, so you should never attempt to sell logo merchandise without obtaining the proper permission.)

Making Logo Coffee Mugs

Step 1: Find an image (preferably in PNG format) of the logo.

A PNG is best because it will have a transparent background already. If you can’t find one, though, you can delete the background in the Design Space software.

Step 2: Upload the image in Design Space. 

The prompts will guide you through removing the areas you don’t want to cut and cleaning up the image. Insert the image onto a new canvas and size it to fit your mug. While you can certainly use any size and shape mug you prefer, I recommend using one that has as flat a surface as possible. The more rounded the mug is, the trickier the vinyl will be to apply.

Step 3: Cut the image from Premium Permanent Vinyl. 

Adhere the vinyl to your cutting mat with the colored side facing up. Load it into your Cricut machine and let it work its cutting magic.

Step 4: Apply Transfer Paper and weed the image.

Cut a piece of transfer paper, remove the backing, and stick it on top of the vinyl. Then, peel away all the excess vinyl that isn’t part of your image. You’ll be left with a piece of clear sticky transfer paper with only the design remaining on it.

Step 5: Apply the image to the mug.

Position it where you want it, then rub firmly. Remove the clear adhesive, and the vinyl should remain on the surface of the mug. The anchors themselves even got in on the fun by doing this step to add monograms on their mugs. The initials and the use of each person’s favorite color will help everyone remember whose coffee is whose!

That’s all there is to it! Your mugs are ready for daily use; in fact, they can even be cleaned in the dishwasher, although it’s always safer to gently hand wash them. It was so much fun to share these mugs with the Good Day PA team, and they were really excited about having them. Although they have shirts and other merchandise with the station logo, they didn’t have anything with the actual show logo, so it was an extra special gift.

I did make myself one with the name of my segment on the back, because I’m pretty darn proud and excited about it. I hand lettered the title, “Getting Crafty,” on my iPad Pro using the Procreate app and saved it as a digital PNG file. Then, I uploaded it to Design Space and followed all the same steps shown above to get it onto my mug.

Logo Coffee Mugs

When gifting a coffee mug, it’s always fun to add some filler, like a pack of coffee or hot cocoa and some festive stir-ins. I mean, who’s not going to love a present like this, right? What logo, phrase, or image would make a perfect gift for the folks in your life?

Don’t forget, if you like this project, put a Pin on it for later! And before you go, be sure to check out these other holiday project ideas for gifts, decor, and more.

Logo Coffee Mugs

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  1. These are so amazing! I’ve been looking for a way to make some affordable and safe gifts this year, not to mention for Mother’s Day! Especially considering the pandemic, I think mugs would be the perfect personalized gift, because the gift receivers can also thoroughly wash the gift before using them.

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