Five Fun Earth Day Crafts

Another holiday is just around the corner…Earth Day is Sunday, April 22! Even though it’s not full of presents and traditions like some holidays are, you can still have fun celebrating Earth Day by creating craft projects that emphasize reusing and recycling. It’s always fun finding ways to turn trash into treasure, and these simple ideas will help you and your kids do just that. Take a look…

Tea Bottle Wind Chime

Turn your empty glass bottles into colorful wind chimes you can enjoy all summer long. Just decorate several lids any way you like {we used paint and glitter} and tie them to the neck of an upside-down bottle. We added to color to our bottle by using Outdoor Mod Podge to attach bright squares of tissue paper all over the surface. Get the full supply list and tutorial here!


Things on wheels are always a hit with my boys, and I’m betting the kids in your life would agree. Recycle a berry basket by turning it into a balloon-powered car! A few dowels, rubber bands, and wooden wheels are all you need and you’ll be ready for the races. Check out the full tutorial here.


If you’re like me, you probably have quite a collection of shells you’ve picked up during various trips to the beach. Why not put them on display by creating a pretty seashell wreath? Any piece of scrap wood will work as a base, and you’ll love being able to look at your shells instead of having them tucked away in a box somewhere. See the full tutorial here.


Celebrate Spring by creating a nest using a paper bag and twigs collected from the yard. First, kids will have fun hunting for small branches and dried grass to use. Then, open the bag and scrunch it into a nest shape. Dip each twig into glue and place it around the nest. Once it’s dry, you can add Peeps, a stuffed bird, or a plastic/wooden egg inside!


Not only does this project focus on planting flowers or herbs, it also reuses what most people would consider trash! First, paint your flowerpot any color you like, then dip an empty cardboard tube {paper towel or toilet paper roll} in paint and press it onto the pot to create circles! See the full tutorial here.

All five of these projects require just a few basic supplies, and can easily be done in an afternoon. Which one would you and the little folks in your life enjoy creating the most? Happy Earth Day!

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