Hand Lettered Father’s Day Sign

Looking for a last minute gift idea for a dad in your life? I decided to get my own father a gift card for Panera so the two of us can have a lunch date sometime soon, but I also always like to have a little physical gift too. Here’s what I made for him to put in his TV room, along with a quick little how-to in case you want to do something similar!

Older & Wiser Hand Lettered Father’s Day Sign

Father's Day Older and Wiser Hand Lettered Plaque

I know, I know, I’ve been going a little crazy with the wood slice signs lately, but they are just so quick and easy to do and make such a great keepsake! Plus, my dad is a big-time lover of the outdoors, so the rustic look is something I knew he’d like.


{some of mine were provided by sponsors; all opinions are my own}
Basswood Country Round {you can find these at craft stores in the unfinished wood section}
Delta Ceramcoat Chalk paint in White
FolkArt Acrylic Paints
Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils: Holiday Icons II
Tombow Monotwin Permanent Marker
Small Paintbrush
Pencil and Block Eraser


Step 1: Paint the top of your wood slice with the white chalk paint.

One thin coat should be more than enough. You can paint as close to or as far from the edges as you like.



Step 2: Sketch your lettered design in pencil.

I like to do a rough sketch on paper first, just to see how I want to organize my words. Then, once I’m happy with the design, I lightly sketch it onto the chalk painted surface.

Step 3: Trace your words with the Tombow Monotwin.

I used the thinner side of the marker because my wood slice was relatively small. Since the Monotwin is not a brush tip, I had to use the faux calligraphy technique where I wrote in script then went back and manually thickened the down strokes. If you’ve never tried hand lettering before, I promise it’s easier to do this than it looks! Take a look at my step by step photo tutorial for beginners to get started and you’ll be creating pieces like this in no time!

Father's Day Older and Wiser Hand Lettered Plaque

Step 4: Stencil and/or paint a design below your words.

Like I mentioned before, my dad loves the outdoors, so I chose a tiny adhesive deer stencil and filled it in with brown FolkArt paint. The tree stencil in the set was a bit too big for the space I had, so I just used a very small brush and painted some pine trees myself. Fortunately, they’re one of the easiest things to paint, just triangles that get larger as you get to the base of the tree.

Father's Day Older and Wiser Hand Lettered Plaque

I gave this to my dad this afternoon and he loved it…or at least he put on a good show! I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up right next to his favorite chair where he’ll see it every day. He particularly liked the part about how wise he is. 😉

In the meantime, this happened on the way to my parents’ house…just a glimpse into daily life with the Artsy Family.

Hubby {driving}: “Hey, there’s a free night stand in that yard back there.”
Me: “Turn around. Now.”
Hubby: “Sorry, dad, we’ll be a little late.”
Me: “He’ll understand. Because of who I am as a person.”

Just one more thing I love about my father…he loves me for me! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there; hope your day is a special one!

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