How to Draw a Christmas Gnome

‘Tis the season for holiday doodles, and there may be no cuter option to draw than a Christmas Gnome! These fun little guys, based in Scandinavian tradition, are easier to create than they might seem. They’re based on simple shapes, so anyone can do it! Grab a few of your favorite markers, and let’s get doodling. Here’s how to draw a Christmas Gnome!

Step 1: Draw the hat.

The hat is just a triangle with a slight curve at the top, like a Santa hat. Of course, if you prefer, you can keep it simple and draw a regular triangle instead. Lots of gnomes have tall triangle hats too!  I like to make the bottom line curve slightly so it looks like it’s sitting down over the gnome’s face. You can also draw a circle on the hat’s point.


Step 2: Add a beard.

Start on one edge of the hat and bring your line downward. Draw a series of points going in different directions to represent the hair of his beard. Reconnect the beard to the other side of the hat.

Step 3: Draw a circle just below the bottom edge of the hat. This will be the gnome’s nose.

You can make the nose any size you like, but I think bigger is cuter!

Step 4: Draw two ovals below the beard for feet. Then, connect the feet to the beard to form a little body.


Step 5: Add color!

I colored the hat red, the body green, and the shoes black, but you can use any colors you like to make your gnome unique.

Step 6: Add detail lines.

I drew a snowflake on the hat (white gel pen is a fun way to do this!), highlight lines on the nose, shoes, and tip of the hat, and detail lines in the beard. You can add any other kind of decorations you like…feel free to experiment and make him truly your own creation!

That’s all there is to it; I hope you enjoy this little guy as much as I do! I would love to see your version. You can share your photos and drawings on social media and tag me @amylattacreations, or share your pics in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group. Be sure to check out these other posts too before you go:

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How to Draw a Christmas Gnome


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