Hand Lettered Patriotic Printable

I absolutely love the fact that there are members of the One Artsy Mama community all over the world! Some of you live in Canada, others are at home in the UK, Portugal, the Philippines, Brazil, Romania, India, Spain, and a wide variety of other countries. Isn’t that awesome? We’re so diverse, and yet creativity brings us together!

For those of you who do happen to be fellow Americans, I have a special printable today as we prepare to celebrate our country’s Independence Day, the 4th of July. It’s an original hand-lettered print of the US map with the complete lyrics to our national anthem. Confession: it actually took me quite a bit of time and several attempts to get the whole thing to fit and work within the shape, and then to go back and really do the lettering, so I hope you like it!

Patriotic Hand Lettered Printable

To download and print, just head here and save the image to your computer. Then, open it in your favorite photo-printing or editing software…even Microsoft Word will work if you don’t have anything else…and print it out. Pop it in a frame, and you’ve got some instant patriotic decor that you can enjoy all summer long. It’s sized to 8×10, but you can certainly re-size it to fit whatever frame you have on hand. (Feel free to share with family and friends, but please keep it for personal use only.)

Download the free printable here.Free Patriotic Hand Lettered Printable

Hope you have a Happy Independence Day! And to my other friends around the world, thanks so much for being a part of this community too. To create your own version for your country, just trace the outline of the map and pencil in whatever lyrics or words you like. Then, go back and use your brush pens and other markers to letter over your sketch. To create the little “fireworks” I have across the top of my frame, I just made three little pom-poms and strung them together on a piece of jute…you can make these in any colors you like to customize them for your country or your home. What do you think?

Patriotic Hand Lettered Printable

If you print and use this in your decor or create your own design, I would love to see! Hop on over and share your photos in the One Artsy Mama and Friends Facebook group. See you there!

Hand Lettered Patriotic Printable

Be sure to check out the other free printables and practice pages in the lettering archives.

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  1. Your new book arrived ❤️,and I loved this idea of lettering in the USA or state shape so I practiced both with my home state. I was so much fun but I certainly need to practice more!

  2. This looks amazing thanks for all you do.. I have downloaded your worksheets and now I’m off to practice. This piece has given me a lot of inspiration thanks you .Crystal

  3. What an amazing gift you have, and I can only imagine the work put into this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I am dying over this beautiful print. This is probably a VERY stupid question, but would it be possible to print it bigger than 8×10? I have been searching high and low for a large print that I want to hang over my mantle at home and I want this one so badly, but obviously needs to be bigger for this particular spot.

    1. Hi, Micaela,
      I think you should be able to print it larger with no trouble, because the file is high res. What size were you thinking? My suggestion would be to upload it to a photo printing site, like Shutterfly or Walmart or Staples, and size it to your preferred size and see if it gives you a quality warning or not. They’re usually good about letting you know how big is too big for a given image. If you do have a problem, email me and let me know ([email protected]) and I will see if I can send you a different file format that might be higher res.

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