DIY Patriotic Felt Pennant Banner

The summer holidays are approaching quickly, and this DIY felt pennant banner is the perfect way to add a patriotic touch to your home. You don’t need any special skills or tools to create this, just a few basic supplies, like felt, scissors, and glue. Plus, you can adjust the size of the pennants to make it perfect for any area you want to decorate! Here’s how to create your own in just ten minutes.

You’ll need:

red, white, and blue felt


pencil and triangle pattern


hot glue and glue gun

Making your Patriotic Pennant Banner

Step 1: Trace a triangle shape onto red, white, and blue felt.

Draw or trace a triangle image on a piece of scrap paper, then cut it out and use it as a pattern. Trace around it with a pencil onto red, white, and blue felt. The size of your triangle is up to you; you can make a large banner, a tiny one, or anything in between! My large banner had 16 pennants on it; 6 red, 5 white, and 5 blue. Feel free to use more or fewer, depending on how long you want your banner to be.

Step 2: Cut out your triangles.

Step 3: Use hot glue to attach your triangles to a piece of ribbon, twine, or string.

Make sure to put the glue on the side of the triangle that has pencil marks; this will be the back. I applied a thin line of glue to the top edge of each triangle, then gently pressed the twine down on top. I left a bit of twine showing in between each triangle.

That’s all there is to it! Once the glue is dry and cooled, flip your patriotic pennant banner around and hang it anywhere you like.

This makes a perfect addition to your mantle, shelf, or bookcase.

Tiny triangles make an adorable little banner that can accent a photo frame, a sign, or other smaller areas in your home. I added mine to my framed national anthem USA printable. If you haven’t grabbed your copy, you can download it here and pop it in a frame to go with your banner!

Of course, you can create all kinds of variations on this project using different colors of felt for other seasons, holidays, and occasions. If you try this project, I’d be so excited to see what you make! Don’t forget to tag me on social media when you share your creations @amylattacreations, and to join our show and tell thread every Monday in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group. See you there!

Patriotic Felt Pennant Banner

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