Hand Lettered “Home Sweet Home” Sign

Do you love “word art” farmhouse style signs as much as I do? If so, why not try your hand (literally) at creating your own! You’ll just need a few basic supplies to make a one-of-a-kind sign for your home sweet home. Grab these things, and let’s craft together.

You’ll need:

sign blank: mine is a 16″ whitewashed wall plaque from Michaels

Tombow ABT PRO marker, black

Tombow MonoTwin

pencil and eraser

round plate or other object for tracing

Step 1: Lightly trace a plate or other round object to create a large circle.

Step 2: Pencil in your words.

Don’t worry about technique here, this is just for positioning your letters and words. I like to find the center of the sign and mark it, then start with the center letter of each line of text. Once I pencil in the center letter, I work my way out to both sides, which helps to ensure that my words are well-positioned.

Step 3: Hand letter over your penciled words.

If you are using a paint marker or permanent marker with a “regular” tip, you’ll need to use the Faux Calligraphy technique to get that beautiful brush script look. If you have a Tombow ABT PRO marker with a brush tip, you can use your brush technique as you write, just like you would on paper.

New to hand lettering? Sign up for a virtual class with me in the Amy Latta Lettering Academy! You can also check out this post to get you started.

Step 4: Loosely trace your circle several times.

I used a fine tip permanent marker (Tombow MonoTwin) for this part. The idea here is that the lines look like vines wrapped into a wreath, so don’t worry about perfection. You want the separate lines to overlap one another.

Step 5: Add leaf shapes.

You can make your leaves any size and shape you like. It’s up to you how many you want and how close together to position them. I recommend playing around with a pencil and paper first, sketching a few different options, then choosing what you like best!

Step 6: Erase your pencil marks.

I recommend a Tombow Mono Eraser, because they are excellent at erasing from wood and painted surfaces. We’ve all had experience with bad pencil erasers that make more of a mess than whatever we were trying to erase, and we don’t want that here on our sign!

That’s all there is to it! Your sign is ready to display in your home.

What do you think? Of course you can change the message and personalize your sign in any way you like. You could color in the leaves, add your family’s last name, or write a completely different phrase. I’d love to see what you create! Be sure to stop by the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group and share your project photos so we can all be inspired and encourage one another. Hope to see you there.

Make sure to check out these free printable hand lettering practice pages and other hand lettered project ideas, and of course to see if there’s a class in the brand-new Amy Latta Lettering Academy that’s the perfect fit for you!

Hand Lettered Farmhouse Style Sign

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