Little Monster

You all know I love me a good project.  Especially if it’s cheap, easy, and something LC is going to love.
Remember two weeks ago, I featured this cool Monster Patch from Watch Out for the Woestmans?
I thought it was just the cutest idea; perfect for a little man!  I joked that when I showed LC the picture, he’d start ripping his jeans on purpose, but the truth is…I’m the one who may or may not have done something like that.  See, we were out shopping the other day and I noticed that Little Crafter’s jeans had a hole in them!
See?  It’s huge, isn’t it?  Totally needs a patch.
…or at least it did after I took the scissors to it.
After I cut the big hole, I cut a piece of red felt that was slightly larger than the opening as well as two “teeth” from white felt.  LC told me he wanted a “silly monster, not a scary one,” so we made some Mater-style chompers.  First, I sewed the teeth onto the red felt, then I sewed the whole deal onto the pants.
The trickiest part of the whole thing was getting his little tiny pants leg to work around my sewing machine so I didn’t sew the leg together.  I managed to do it with the mouth, but when it came to the eyes, there was no way to do it by machine; I had to hand stitch.  I cut out two white felt circles and two black, stitched them together, then sewed them on the pants.
Ta-da!  One silly monster.
Accomplished during one naptime.
{Kind of}ripped jeans: Free
Felt and thread: Already had it on hand
Look on LC’s face: Priceless
I think it turned out just adorable…but not quite as cute as the model.  Gosh, I love this kid!

Happy ripping!  I mean, crafting!

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  1. So cute! I wonder if my boys are too big for this, because they sure can make some holes in their knees. I’d love it if you’d share this at my Show & Tell party, going on now @ the Delectable Home.

  2. The cutest!!! I also like the fact that the cute little monster is with them, like a friend. So, if they’re scared about going someplace, they could where the pants and have their little monster friend right there with them giving them courage and helping them feel not-so alone.

  3. I have been waiting for my boys pants to get a hole in them so I could try this out! I think I may take your approach!:) Turned out great.

  4. You were not kidding were you.. when you said ” I may have to cut a pair of jeans to do this project” haha! This is so so cute and yes LC loves it you can tell with that smile! What kid wouldn’t love a monster on their jeans…I mean really! 🙂 So cute!

  5. I wish that I had to rip jeans! Ha, with four boys I have a huge bag of ripped jeans that I need to fix! This might be just the way! Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  6. Love this. My six year old buddy goes through pants like nobody’s business. I think I can still slip a little cute in. Perhaps a scary monster would suit him better. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow!!! this really took me back….53 years to be exact. i grew up very poor in the Appalachian Mountains of KY. My mom was a genius, she could take nothing and make something out of it. When i was in first grade my only pair of pants got a hole in them and she cut this hole bigger in a heart shaped and patched them with a piece of red fabric. At first i didn’t like them and was afraid I would get laughed at but she told me she sewed “love”into my pants. Sure enough the kids at school laughed at my pants until i told them my mom sewed love into my pants. When my mom came to school a little later for a program, several moms came up to her and asked her if she would sew “love” into their kids clothes.

  8. Very well done! Just wondering how you used the machine to stitch the red felt without sewing the legs together – do you have pics or video? That would be very helpful! Thanks

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