Dainty Letter Necklaces

Dainty Letter Necklaces

I confess, I’m a total sucker for all things personalized and monogrammed. I can’t even count how many things I own with my name or initials on them somewhere. So when I saw these adorable tiny letter charms at Goody Beads last week, I couldn’t resist ordering some to create a few personal pieces! It was so simple to do and required no special jewelry skills at all. Here’s a quick how-to so you can create your own name or initial jewelry…

Dainty Letter Necklaces

{Mine were provided by Goody Beads. Links below are affiliate links.}

Letter or Symbol Charms, your choice
1.0 mm Silver or Gold Plated Rolo Chain
5 mm Crimp with Loop Chain Ends {2 per necklace}
Jump Rings
Lobster or Spring Ring Clasp
Wire Cutters, Pliers

Step 1: Cut your chain to the length you want it. 
Since I wanted to wear my necklaces together, I purposely made them different lengths to allow for layering. My longer necklace is 18″, while the shorter one is 16″.

Step 2: String your charms onto the chain.
I have to admit, I wasn’t prepared for just how tiny and adorable these charms were until they arrived. Take a look at the size against the scale of my hand…


Step 3: Attach a crimp chain end to both ends of your chain.
Prior to this project, I’d actually never worked with this type of chain end before. Typically, I just insert a jump ring in the end chain link and am good to go, but this chain is so fine there’s no way that method would work. Instead, you need these special little pieces. You just lay the chain into the groove, then use pliers to pinch the sides closed around the chain.

Before you move on, tug on the chain to make sure it’s crimped tightly enough. There’s a loop on the end of these crimped pieces so you can attach a jump ring, which is exactly what I did. I attached jump rings to each of the ends, and added a spring ring clasp on one side.


Once your clasp is in place, you’re ready to wear your new piece!

For my shorter necklace, I decided I wanted a slightly different look to set the two pieces apart. I thought it would be fun to mix metals, so I used gold chain with my silver charms. This time, instead of spelling out a name, I used hubby’s and my initials along with an ampersand.


Here’s how they look layered together…I love the effect! I have some letters left over so I can make a few more pieces, which no doubt will be happening soon. I can spell LC’s name, use all three of our initials, and even accent with some tiny hearts! What would you put on your necklace?




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