Trees, Pom-Poms, and Playdoh…oh my!

It’s always a treat the day we go to the mailbox and pull out a new issue of Family Fun magazine.  We have a little routine, in fact…when I bring it in the house, Little Crafter drops what he was doing and we snuggle up in the comfy brown glider to go through it together.  We turn the pages, and he points and says, “I want to make dat.”  I dog-ear all the pages he points out, plus the ones that I like, and then we spend the month trying to do all the projects we picked.  This past issue had a great idea right on the cover: trees made from sticks, pom poms, and air-dry clay. 
 We have a weekly play-n-craft date with another artsy mama, Brandee, and her adorable kids, and this was a perfect project for our little group.
On one playdate, we collected the sticks at a woodsy playground.  But, due to some pom-pom issues at AC Moore, we had to hold off on the tree-making for a week {we made pumpkin pots instead}.
But the next time we got together, we made our own festive fall topiary trees.
Here’s how you can do it too:
Materials per tree:
– stick
– 4″ styrofoam ball
– approximately 100 pom poms, your choice of colors
– craft glue or hot glue
– air dry clay or playdoh
STEP 1: Push stick into styrofoam ball.  {you can glue it too, to make it secure}
STEP 2: Glue pom-poms all around it, covering the surface completely.
The magazine used green and red to make it look like an apple tree; I really liked the effect of our fall colors.
* Note: the original just had you use a stick with three branches and glue pom poms all around it.  I have no idea how they got that to look so round.  We decided a styrofoam ball would do the trick much easier!
STEP 3: Use air dry clay or playdoh to form a base.
And there you have it…an easy, festive fall craft that even the littlest hands can make!
Or, should I say the littlest hams?
Boy, I love these kids!  Brandee, can I keep yours?

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  1. so cute – I wanted to make these the moment I saw the cover too! They came out so cute and I love the ease of the styrofoam ball substitution.

    I shared on my FB & twitter! 🙂

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase! Hope to see you again this week!


  2. What a cute idea. I was just sorting through our craft stash yesterday (organizing, getting rid of stuff we don’t need etc) and I found two styrofoam balls. I was going to put them in the thrift store donation bag, but I decided to hang on to them a bit longer. Now I know why! This is perfect. Thanks for the idea!

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