Painting Pumpkins

Ok, back to business as usual.  But first, can I just say,
You all rock my socks!  I mean, really!  This whole giveaway celebration was in honor of hitting 200 followers and would you believe that at last look, I had 259?!
That’s almost 60 new followers in two weeks time!  Plus, I went from 80 fans on Facebook to 126 just since last Friday.  I tell ya what, I feel like the cool kid in school…{which I, um, wasn’t}.
I’m sure that the super-bloggers out there are used to getting hundreds of new followers a day, but for little me, this is a huge deal.  When I started this whole thing six months ago, I was just hoping that maybe a handful of people besides my mom, my mother-in-law, and my real life friends would actually find my little blog and be inspired by something they saw here.  It blesses me more than you can know that you all are here and following along for the journey.  I hope you continue to enjoy what you see at One Artsy Mama, that you always feel welcome, and that you walk away inspired.

Ok, now that I got that out of my system….back to crafting…
“Mommy!  Look!  Pumpkins!” 

As soon as we stepped inside the grocery store last week, Little Crafter was transfixed in front of the huge pumpkin display.  Big ones, medium ones, small ones, ones with painted faces…everything a little fall-lover’s heart could desire.  His favorite were the “baby pumpkins” and every time we went in the store for something, he’d stop, look at them longingly, and say, “Hi, baby punkins.”
I knew it was only a matter of time before I caved.
After all, Fall is my favorite season too, and I have a weakness for pumpkins myself.
So, when we stopped to pick up beans for our fabric pumpkin-making craft date with the M family,
I also let him pick out three of these little guys to take along; one for each child to paint.
They were so excited about the project!  And I was glad we had another project for them to do since the original fabric pumpkin one turned out to be better suited for the mommies to do than the kiddos themselves…although it was still fun and they loved the finished products!
We just gave them paints and brushes and let them go to town…no rules, no special ideas, just creativity!
Here they are hard at work…I love how serious they look!
Talk about cheap and easy…$3 for 3 kids to be this quiet, content, and happy.  I’ll take it!
And yes, today I caved again and let him pick out a “big punkin” while we were shopping.
What can I say?  It looks so festive on the front porch.  And of course I have plans for it…look what my friend Emily made:
Must. do. soon.
Of course, Little Crafter thinks he should get to paint it.  Which means it would turn out something like last year’s version:
Most likely that means we’ll end up with two; one for him and one for Mama.
Cuz, hey, who can resist painting a pumpkin?
PS – Did’ja miss the giveaways?  Luck you, they’re all still open!  All NINE of them!  Go!  Enter!
PSS – Don’t forget about the Fall Snack Challenge…link up or just go check them out and drool. 🙂

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  1. What a small blogger world!!!! I saw your post on the CreativeMeMonday Link Up {I posted the boy funky onesie} and I saw you noted Emily! She is one of my very best buds here in Knoxville!!!! & I love her pumpkin she did! Yours turned out SO cute and I love how the kids did it—I love letting my Avery go to town with crafts! XOXO, Kate Adcock

  2. Thanks for sharing this idea. I think “carve” instead of paint, but paint is far more preschool and toddler friendly. I just want to eat the seeds though, lol…

    This is the first year I get to “craft” with my boys for Halloween! Great idea. My youngest always want to give the baby pumpkin a “hug”, which I think is just darling…

    Congrats on hitting more followers. It’s still a thrill when I see new readers, tweeps, facebook friends, etc. Even when I am in the 1000s {soon} I know that thrill won’t cease! 🙂

    In honor of my favorite holiday, I’m throwing a Halloween Link Party.Stop by if you dare…

  3. Those pumpkins are adorable! We’re picking out our “main” pumpkins (one big one for each of us) tomorrow! So excited! We’ll pick up more as the season goes on, but those first four are the official ones. (We’re strange, I know.) And I totally get what you mean about followers! I have 178 GFC’s and 54 likers on facebook and I feel awesome about it! 🙂 I would love it if you’d stop by my blog to say hi! Today I’m featuring an Autumn leaf craft that’s fun for toddlers and big kids alike! You can also check out our Halloween Book Basket. Hope you’re having an awesome day!

    Mandi at BBM

  4. Halloween is almost here and my group of friends are planning to have a fun activity for kids in our community. You just provided us a wonderful idea to have these kids enjoy and at the same time learn how to paint.

  5. I had my daughter paint mini pumpkins last year and she has so much fun!!!

    I love the monogram letter pumpkin you created. Very simple and super cute!

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