Little Monster Mirror

A certain little someone I know is obsessed with monsters.  He thinks they’re hysterical.  He especially thinks it’s funny to BE a monster, which usually consists of “sneaking up” on Mommy and yelling “ROWWWWWWR!”  Which is why we have a monster hoodie…
…and monster hats…
So, when I saw this idea that my bloggy buddy Amanda over at Joy in the Jumble made, I knew he’d get a kick out of it.  Her version is a photo frame with “monster eyes” all over it…isn’t that adorable?
Googly eyes?  Check!  Remember that really fun box of free crafting supplies we got from a few weeks back?  Well, sure enough, it contained an Ultimate Fuzzy kit that had an assortment of googly eyes in it; all different sizes from huge to tiny, which was just what we needed!
Interestingly enough, the other project we used the fuzzy kit for last time was monsters too…remember these guys?
Yes indeed, apparently the Ultimate Fuzzy Kit is a monster lover’s best friend! 🙂
Anyway, we had the eyes, so we just needed a frame.  We headed to Michaels with our 40% off coupon in hand, and Little Crafter himself actually found something we thought was even better.  A mirror!  Now, my little monster can look in his own monster mirror every day!  How cool is that?
Here’s how we made it.

wooden framed mirror {less than $3 at Michaels} or photo frame
acrylic paint and paintbrush
googly eyes in a variety of sizes {we used about 250}
craft glue
optional: ribbon, cardstock, circle punch, marker
STEP 1: Paint the wooden frame and let it dry.  I realized after we did it that the mirror is removable.  So, yeah, remove the mirror first.
STEP 2: Attach eyes with craft glue.  We started with the biggest ones first then worked our way down, filling in the gaps with smaller ones.
Really, you could call it quits at this point if you wanted to.  Or, you can embellish a little more.
I just glued a piece of ribbon around the frame, punched a cardstock circle, and wrote “Little Monster” on it.
Ta da!  And since the mirror is removable, it’s easy to clean, plus if he ever wants to put a photo instead, we can swap it out.  It was a great, easy project and Little Crafter was able to do most of the work himself.  He loves painting and gluing, so it was right up his alley!  Thanks, Amanda, for the inspiration!  And thanks again, Craftprojectideas, for the fun supplies; we made another rainy day into a fun crafting adventure!
Oh, and speaking of inspiration, remember I showed you my friend Emily’s pumpkin with the monogram on it?  Here’s how mine turned out:
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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I bet my little monster would love a monster mirror, especially if the bigger monsters showed him how to use it! What a great Halloween decoration, too. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I LOVE how this turned out. That is a great idea, switching it to a mirror. Sounds like he is in love with monsters like my kids are in love with bats:)

    Thanks for featuring my frame:)

  3. Your pumpkin turned out to be adorable! Reading your blog makes me want to have my own kids so I can do all of these fun little crafts with them. What a cute lil monster you have 🙂

  4. So cute! I bet my little monsters would get a kick out of this! We made some pom pom monsters a while back and they still play with them all the time, and I have tons and tons of google eyes left over, so this will be perfect! I would love it if you’d stop by my blog to say hi! Today I’m featuring an Autumn leaf craft that’s fun for toddlers and big kids alike! You can also check out our Halloween Book Basket. Hope you’re having an awesome day!

    Mandi at BBM

  5. I have one of these frames on my Pinterest board, just waiting for me to get some supplies. But I love the purple color of yours. Now I’m rethinking how I’ll do mine. 🙂


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