Goodwill Challenge: Upcycled Jewelry Dish

Hey, friends! It’s that time again…time for the Goodwill Challenge!  Erin and I made our monthly visit to the local Goodwill store and visited our favorite cashier, Max, who loves to see photos of what we did with the previous month’s treasures. We each chose a new item that we thought could be given new life with a little bit of craftiness…here’s my project!


I chose a plain white soap dish that was just, well, plain. It cost me $1.00, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I could turn it into a jewelry holder that would rival something you’d find at a much pricier boutique. Here I am making my choice. {Can you tell I was tired?}


Here’s how I transformed it into something fabulous…


– white soap dish
– gold alphabet stickers
– Mod Podge {mine was the extra glitter formula, but any kind will do}
– gold glitter

Step 1: Thoroughly clean and dry the dish.


Step 2: Apply your letters to the bottom of the dish. Depending on the size of your letters, you may be able to write a longer word or phrase. My letters were rather large {they’re left over from the Staples Holiday Tray I made!} so I went with the word “SHINE.” Of course, if you have a cutting machine you can always cut your own vinyl lettering in your favorite font or cut a design you like and use that instead.


The next step is where things get messy, so you’re going to want to grab an empty box you can use for the glittering process, then throw away when you’re finished.


Step 3: Apply Mod Podge to the edges of your dish. Sprinkle glitter into your box and dip the dish face down into the piles of glitter. I just used my finger to apply the Mod Podge, but you can use a brush if you prefer. The glitter should stick only to the wet areas and brush off any other spots it might land.


All that’s left to do is let the Mod Podge dry, then your dish will be ready to use. It was really hard to get photos that fully show off how pretty this turned out.


I can’t wait to put it on my dresser and use it to hold my rings. See? Doesn’t glitter make everything better?!


The other thing I like about this project is that if your local Goodwill doesn’t happen to have a piece like this, you can easily find a plain white soap dish for a decent price at Target or Walmart. These would actually make really nice last minute gifts too, don’t you think?


Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what Erin chose at Goodwill and how she turned it into something totally seasonal and fabulous! See you then!

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  1. I love it. Really cute. I am mostly impressed with how straight the letters are, haha. If I had made this, I would have had to make is purposely “whimsical” to disguise how crooked they were.

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