Snowman Photo Frame

Friends, today Little Crafter is excited to show you his latest winter project, a Snowman Photo Frame! It makes a great Christmas gift {what grandparent wouldn’t love one of these with a cute picture inside} and a fantastic snowy day activity to keep your little ones busy!

Snowman Photo Frame

{Special thanks to Elmer’s for providing our Painters and glue and for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are my own.}

– wooden photo frame
Elmer’s Painters: white, black, and light blue {from the Sherbet Swirl assortment}
– felt: white, black, and orange
Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue
– assorted buttons
– ribbon
– google eyes
– scissors
– twine

Step 1: Paint the entire surface of the frame blue using Elmer’s Painters. We found our frame for just $1 at Michaels, which makes this a very inexpensive snow day activity and/or gift idea! The paint dries very quickly, so you don’t have to sit around and wait before moving on to the next step, which is awesome when you’re crafting with kiddos.


Step 2: Use a white Elmer’s Painters marker to create snowflakes all over the frame. Little Crafter loved this part!


Step 3: Cut two circles from white felt {I traced objects I had in my craft room to get them nice and round} and glue them to one side of the frame.

Step 4: Cut a black felt hat and an orange felt triangle and glue those to the snowman base.


Step 5: Build your snowman! Glue buttons, ribbon, twine, and eyes wherever you like. This was Little Crafter’s favorite part. Let your kids use their imaginations and create whatever kind of snowman they want.

Step 6: Add a mouth using fabric paint or Elmer’s Painters in black.

Snowman Photo Frame

That’s all there is to it! This project can be done with all kinds of variations too; the sky’s the limit! Little Crafter had a great time making his frame and can’t wait to put a photo inside of himself with his first snowman of the season {who was named Squanto because the snow came the day before Thanksgiving}!


The best part about this project is that since it’s not specifically Christmas-themed, you can make it now, give it as a gift, or save it for a snowy day in January when you need something fun to do. Honestly, at just a little more than $1 a piece, you might as well make a bunch of them…some now and some later!

Snowman Photo Frame

So, what do you say? Do you want to build a snowman?

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