Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

Christmas crafting is in full swing here in One Artsy Mama land, and I can’t wait to share this cute mini Christmas tree with you. Not only does this little guy light up, but we were able to create it as a family, and we all know, the family that crafts together, stays together. If you would like to learn how to make your own mini light-up tree, keep reading!

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree


-Styrofoam Cone

-Gold Cardstock


-Floral Wire

-Hot Glue Gun

-Glue Dots (optional, but if you want the kids to help, it’s a good idea)

-Mini Christmas Lights (Mine was a light up necklace from Michaels)

*The following products were given to me, but all opinions are honestly my own*

Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash Yarn in Peridot from Lion Brand Yarn

Acrylic Jewels from

Did I {Erin} mention that this is a fun FAMILY craft? In some of these pictures you will see my dogs, my husband who was a big help (he held things while I took pictures), Prince C, a glimpse of Bam Bam, and maybe a cat. The baby was asleep and missed out on our fun 😉 This is how we roll in the Kerst household!

Step 1: Find the middle of the mini light strand, so that the on/off switch will fall on the bottom of the cone. Secure in place on the top of the cone with a small piece of the floral wire. The mini light strand I found was really a small novelty necklace found in the kid Christmas craft stuff in Michaels. It was PERFECT for this project. In fact, it was me seeing that necklace that gave me the idea for this tree in the first place!

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

Step 2: Twist the lights around the cone (or any arrangement you’d like) and secure with more floral wire. Make sure to keep the on/off switch on the bottom of the cone! This is the one part that it was helpful to have an adult partner. One of us held the lights in place, and the other did the wire pinning.

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

Step 3:  Cut out a small area on the bottom of the cone that your battery on/off part of the lights can sit in. Use more wire to secure the on/off into place. 

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

Step 4: Starting at the bottom, wrap the eyelash yarn around the cone. We wound the yarn all the way up, then all the way back down. Leave the tippy top of the cone empty. Secure with hot glue. This was the perfect part to have the boys help with. They each took turns winding the yarn around the cone!

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

Step 5: Cut a little bit of the yarn to glue to the top of the tree.

Mini Light Up Christmas TreeStep 6: Cut out a star back and front and glue to the toothpick. Attach to the top of the tree.

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

Step 7: Decorate the tree with the acrylic jewels. You can use hot glue, but because I wanted the boys to decorate the tree, we used small glue dots. They could put the jewels wherever they wanted, and it looked like mini ornaments!

Mini Light Up Christmas TreeThat’s it! This project was a lot of family fun, plus the light up feature really makes it special.

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

We’ve actually put the tree in the boys’ room because it’s a great little night light. If you can’t find the mini necklace, you could easily use one of the little battery operated mini light strands or even the corded mini light strands and just plug it in. Here’s a shot of Prince C with the little tree so you can see the actual size!

Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

I love Christmas crafting so much, because it’s so fun to get the family involved in these holiday activities, even if it can be a little chaotic at times!


Mini Light Up Christmas Tree

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  1. I am so doing this for my Christmas tree in 2015. I live in a small apartment and I want a small christmas tree that I can sit anywhere. This is going to be perfect. I am also going to make small paper ornaments to hang from it and a tensile garland.

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