Decoupaged Photo Frames

If you’re looking for a meaningful DIY gift idea that’s perfect for Mother’s Day or any day, try this simple decorated photo frame. It only takes a few basic supplies, and less than half an hour to create.

Image contains three square photo frames that have been decoupaged with scrapbook paper. One has pink paper with small lighter pink dots, one has teal polka dot paper, and one has dark blue paper with multicolored flowers.

How To Make A Decoupaged Photo Frame


unfinished wood photo frame(s)

scrapbook paper

paper cutter and/or scissors


Mod Podge or other decoupage formula in your choice of finish (glossy, matte, glitter, satin, etc)

Image contains three unfinished wooden photo frames, three jars of decoupage formula, and assorted scrapbook paper in shades of pink, teal, and multicolored.


Step 1: Cut your scrapbook paper.

For my particular frames, I measured the wooden sides, then cut four strips of paper that were the same size, 1” x 5” each. Then, I used the frame as a guide and trimmed the corners on a diagonal so the strips would fit together to form a square. If your frame is a different size, just measure the width and length of each side and trim your paper accordingly.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a piece of scrapbook paper that has been trimmed to fit one of the four sides of the frame.
Step 2: Adhere your paper.

Use a paintbrush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the wooden frame and place the scrapbook paper on top, pressing gently to adhere. A little decoupage formula goes a long way; using too much will cause the paper to warp and curl. Allow this to dry completely.

Image contains a square wooden photo frame with blue floral paper decoupaged to it. Assorted craft supplies, like scissors and other scrapbook paper and frames are scattered in the background.
Step 3: Apply a top coat.

Add a very thin layer of decoupage formula on top of the paper. Once again, less is more. Using too much will cause the paper to bubble. Let it dry.

Image contains three decoupaged photo frames; one is pink, one is teal, and one is navy with multicolored flowers.
Step 4: Add your photo.

Trim your photo to fit inside the frame, then insert it.

Image contains a blue floral decoupaged photo frame with a picture of a smiling male child in the center. A faux plant sits behind the frame on a white table.

Now, it’s ready to display, or to give as a gift to a special person in your life! These are so simple to create, and even the little crafters in your life can help. Choosing different papers makes every frame look totally unique, so you can customize it for your decor, for someone’s favorite color, or in any way you like. Plus, it’s really inexpensive. The frames cost me $1 each, and the scrapbook paper was less than 25 cents per sheet.

Image contains three decoupaged photo frames; one pink, one teal, and one blue with multicolored flowers.

Who in your life would love to receive one of these as a gift? If you create some, I would love to see how they turn out! Make sure you’re part of the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so you can share your latest projects and we can all be inspired. See you there.

Image is a collage of photos of the finished decoupaged photo frames from the post. It is intended for Pinterest.

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