Chalkboard & Glitter Ornament

Chalkboard Glitter Ornament

Friends, as many of you know, here at One Artsy Mama we have an annual ornament exchange when Christmas time rolls around. Lots of you signed up to participate again this year {if you missed it, be sure to watch for sign-ups at the beginning of  next November!}, and I like to play along too! My partner, Cate, loves glitter and gold, so I decided to combine them in one fun and festive ornament.

Chalkboard Glitter Ornament

Chalkboard ornament {or wooden ornament and chalkboard paint}
David Tutera Chalk Pen
Mod Podge or glue
Painter’s Tape
Gold Glitter

Step 1: Write your message on the top part of the ornament.
I chose the word, “believe,” but you can use anything you like. If you use a name, this could easily double as a gift tag!

Glitter and Chalkboard Ornament

Step 2: Place a piece of painter’s tape across the ornament where you want the glitter to stop.
Try not to let the tape touch the chalk.  I actually folded my tape in half to make it thinner.

Step 3: Apply Mod Podge to the bottom section of the ornament, then shake glitter on top.
You may want to do this step outdoors or over a trash can so that you don’t end up with excess glitter everywhere.

Chalkboard and Glitter Ornament

That’s it! One easy-peasy and pretty ornament all ready to hang on the tree or send to your friend!

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  1. I love it! It’s going on our tree as soon as we finish getting everything out! I have a vase of flowers on my desk in our office that I put the Noel ornament on. It looks great! I’ll take a picture of them both and tag you on instagram! Thanks so much for the great ornament and I can’t wait for you to get yours!

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