Reversible “Merry Christ-moose” Pillow

‘Tis the season to snuggle up! My favorite place to be during this time of year is on the couch with a warm blanket and pillow, watching a feel-good Christmas movie. Personally, I love to cuddle up with a fleece tie pillow like this Reversible Merry Christ-moose one I created. They’re so soft, so comfy, and so easy to make. In fact, not only did I make one for myself, I also made one as a gift for my dad, who loves moose. Here’s how to create your own this holiday season.

You’ll need:

Poly-Fil® Premier Pillow Insert 20″ x 20″

2 yards of holiday fleece (1 yard per side/style)


ruler or measuring tape

Step 1: Cut your holiday fleece into two 29″ squares, one of each pattern.

If you’re using a smaller pillow, your fleece square should be the size of your pillow plus 9.”

Step 2: Place one square on top of the other with the right sides facing out. Cut a 4 1/2″ square from each corner.

You can actually use those little fleece squares for other projects, like beanbags, hand warmers, or coasters!

Step 3: Cut fringes along all 4 sides.

These should be 4 1/2″ long and 1″ wide.

Step 4: Tie the fringes of the top and bottom layers together on three sides.

Each cut you made should give you a pair of fringes; one from the top fleece and one from the bottom. These are what you want to tie to one another. Wrap the bottom fringe over and around the top one to form the first part of the knot, then wrap the top one over and around the bottom and pull. This will give you a secure knot. The knot should be the color of the fleece on the bottom, and the fringe should be the same as the fleece on the top, as shown below.

Step 5: Insert the pillow form.

Just separate the fleece layers and slide the pillow inside.

Step 6: Tie the fringes on the fourth side.

This will complete your pillow cover, with the pillow form safely tucked inside.

If your pillow cover gets dirty and needs washing, simply un-tie the knots on one side and slide the pillow form out, then machine wash the fleece. Some of the knots may come undone in the wash; just re-tie them, then slip your pillow form back in. One of the best parts of this project, besides how easy it is to create, is that you can totally personalize it by choosing different patterns and colors of fleece. There are tons of options, so you can choose your favorites, based on what you love and on your own holiday decor.

I’m excited to share that my pillow is part of a bigger celebration, the Fairfield World Holiday Pillow Party. Some of my crafty friends are also creating their own festive pillow covers, which I think you will love, AND there’s a giveaway too!

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below to win six 18″ Fairfield pillow forms so you can create your own holiday pillows! Plus, one more bonus is that I have a special coupon code for you. Just use the code pillowpartyAmy and save 20% off on any/all purchases at between Dec 8th and January 31st.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Merry Christ-moose Pillow

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