Painted Chalkboard Frame

Friends, this week has been a blast with my intern Emmy Li! In case you missed the introduction on Wednesday, Emmy is an international student from China who is attending high school here in the States. Part of her curriculum involves a week long internship at a local business, and she chose mine! We have been crafting like crazy all week, using all kinds of supplies, and she has been knocking my socks off with her projects. She has a real flair for all things artistic, and she’s a fabulous photographer too. On Tuesday, we took a little field trip to Goodwill to find a few pieces she could upcycle, and this Painted Chalkboard Frame project is the result…enjoy!

Painted Chalkboard Frame

Hello, it’s Emmy. This is another project I made. I went to Goodwill yesterday, that was my first time there (I love that store now). I saw this picture frame; it was so little and cute, so I decided to buy it & make it a chalkboard to put on my desk. It started out completely gold. It’s really easy as you can see by the steps down below. I hope you will have fun making it.

Chalkboard Frame

A frame from Goodwill

Black chalkboard paint

FolkArt Metallic paint (teal and gold)

Paint brush



Step 1: Clean your frame and glass.

Step 2: Paint the glass with chalkboard paint. (let it dry overnight)

Step 3: Paint the whole frame with metallic blue. (you might need 3 coats)

Step 4: Add metallic gold accents. Use a small dry brush and paint accents wherever you want them.


Step 5: After it is completely dry, prepare your chalkboard by rubbing it lightly with chalk all over.


Step 6: Use chalk to write or draw a design. ( I used E for my name Emmy 🙂 )


{Amy here} That’s all there is to it, friends! Isn’t it a gorgeous little piece? I absolutely love the colors Emmy chose and the way she painted the gold accents. I totally wish I could keep it in my house! What do you think?


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