Easy Back to School Doodles

Back to School Doodles

The start of the new school year is approaching quickly, and although it will certainly look different than “normal” for most of us, we can still make it a great one. Whether your kids are in-person learning, distance learning, homeschooling, or some combination of these options, there are little things we can do to help things get off to a positive start. Here are a few very easy Back to School doodles that you can use to bring a little school year cheer no matter how you choose to use them. Doodle some decor for your home classroom, let the kids draw on their binders and folders, or use these on lunchbox notes. Take a look at how easy they are to draw…


Basic Book

First, you’ll draw a rectangle for the book’s cover. Next, draw short diagonal lines extending down from the two left corners (the longer these lines, the thicker the book will be). Add a curved line like a “c” below the bottom right corner. Connect the two diagonal lines with a vertical line to form the book’s spine. Then, connect the bottom markings with a horizontal line. Add color and details like a title and lines to represent pages.


Apple for the Teacher

Start by drawing a basic shape that is wider at the top than the bottom. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly symmetrical; real apples aren’t either. There should be two distinctive “bumps” on the top and on the bottom. Add a line for the stem and a pointed oval shape for a leaf. Color your apple and (optional) add a highlight or any other details you like.


Book Stack with Apple

Creating a book stack is so easy! Just draw four imperfect rectangles stacked on top of each other. You can make them all even, or use a variety of lengths and widths. Then, use the tutorial above to add a little apple on top. Make sure it’s size is proportionate to the books. Finally, add color and any details you want, like book titles or subjects.



Start by drawing two parallel lines. Mine are on a diagonal, but you can also draw your pencil horizontally or vertically if you prefer. Then, add a “v” shape to one end of your lines for the pencil’s point and a slightly curving line to connect the lines at the opposite end. Color in the very tip to represent the lead, and add a zig-zag line where the “v” joins your lines. This gives the appearance that the pencil has been in a sharpener. On the lower end, add a slighly curved rectangle for the eraser and another curving line for the metal spot where the eraser joins the wood. Color in your masterpiece!

Lunch bag/Backpack

First, draw a three sided shape on a slight diagonal with rounded corners. Then, add a slightly rounded triangle on the right side. Draw a rounded rectangle across the top, along with a handle. Color in your bag and add accent lines. I envision this as a lunch bag, but you could easily add straps to the back and make it a backpack too! Feel free to add a pocket on the front or anything else you like.


Alarm Clock

Draw a circle, then make a slightly smaller circle just inside the first one. Add two semi circles, one on either side of the top for the alarm bells, and two little “legs” at the bottom. Draw hands on the clock, as well as short lines connecting the bells to the clock body. A larger curving line connects the two bells to each other. The final step is to color in your clock. Feel free to add other details like numbers.


Hopefully, these fun little doodles will help you start to smile as you think about the upcoming school year, no matter what it may look like for you and your family. Share them with your kids and let them express their creativity too! I’d love to see what you use these back to school doodles to create. Hop on over to the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group and show us your project photos for inspiration! See you there!

PS. Don’t forget to pin these tutorials for later and to share with your friends!

Back to School Doodles

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