How to Draw a Pumpkin Spice Latte + Free Printable

Although the weather for most of us is still plenty hot, fall is just around the corner. We’re about to head into a new season, and with it comes all things pumpkin. August 24 is the official return date this year for the Pumpkin Spice Latte, a treat that has become associated with fall almost as much as changing leaves. While I am not personally a fan of the drink (I know, shocking!), it’s a useful little doodle…plus, you can use it for any warm drink you love; apple cider, hot cocoa, peppermint mocha, and more. Here’s how to draw your own:

The To-Go Cup

The basic doodle is a to-go cup, which starts with vertical lines that are closer to each other at the bottom than the top. A curving line connects them at the bottom, and a horizontal line at the top starts the lid. The lid itself is a long thin rectangle with a slightly curving rectangle shape on top. Add two lines across the cup for a cup sleeve if you like, and a little shape on the lid where you sip.

The Pumpkin

To set your doodle apart as a Pumpkin Spice Latte, you can add a little pumpkin on the cup sleeve. This is just an oval with a semi-circle on each side, and a stem. Easy peasy! Color it in any way you like.

The Kawaii Face

Another way to take your doodle to the next level is by adding a cute little face. Black circle eyes with white circles inside, two pink ovals for cheeks, and a simple “u” shaped smile brings your PSL to life and gives it a personality!

This little doodle is perfect for drawing on cards, as well as in journals, planners, and notebooks. You can add it to your hand lettered designs as a fun seasonal accent, or even use it digitally. It makes a great addition to all of your fall artwork!

Like this design? I’ve also made it available as a free printable. There’s a version with the cup, as shown above, but there’s also a version without it so that you can use it as a space to practice and draw your own! That way the finished art will be a collaboration between you and me. Just download your preferred version using the links below and print it out (it’s sized as an 8×10, but you can resize in your favorite photo editor). Then, pop it in a frame and use it in your home to help welcome fall.



I’d love to see your doodles and how you’re using them to decorate your own artwork. Be sure to hop over to the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group to share photos so we can all be inspired by each other. See you there!

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