5 Flower Doodles for Spring

Image contains the words "flower doodles for spring" above four hand-drawn flowers.

Spring is finally here! Let’s celebrate with five fun and easy flower doodles you can use to brighten up your projects. These are great for cards, scrapbooks, journals, hand lettered designs, and so much more. I recommend sketching them with a pencil until you get the steps down, then tracing over them with a fine tip black marker. Then, add color with your favorite markers or colored pencils. If you like, you can even doodle these digitally with the Apple Pencil in the Procreate app. Let’s get started!

Whimsical Tulip

Start with a “U” shape and draw three points across the top. Add lines with circles on top that extend from the tulip bud for the stamen. Draw detail lines, then a stem and leaf. Finally, color in your flower with marker, colored pencil, watercolors, or anything else you like.

Image contains six step-by-step images for how to draw the whimsical tulip. These correspond to the written instructions in the post.


Six-Petaled Bloom

Draw a circle with three large petals around it. Add three “u” shapes to fill in the spaces between the original three petals. Sketch detail lines inside the petals, then add dots in the center of the flower. Draw some simple leaf shapes extending from the flower, then add color.

Image contains six step-out drawings for how to doodle this petaled flower. The steps follow the written instructions in the post.

Closed Petal Flower

Start with a “u” shape that has a wavy line across the top. Add a petal on each side. Finally, add a petal in the back. Draw detail lines, a stem, and leaves. Color in your flower any way you like.

Image contains six step by step images of how to draw the closed petal flower, as described in words in the post.


Sketch an upside down “u” shape with a curving line across the bottom. Add a series of petals around it, then draw dots and detail lines. Draw a stem and leaf, then add color.

Image contains five step by step sketches for how to draw a daisy, as described in the post.


Draw a wavy oval with a long, thin “u-shape” attached. Add six petals around it. Draw stamen, detail lines, a stem, and leaves. Finally, add your colors.

Image contains seven step by step images for how to draw a daffodil, as described in the post.

Which flower is your favorite? If you try these doodles, I’d love to see what you create. Make sure to join the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group where you can share your projects and photos and we can all be inspired!

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Image is a collage of flower doodles.


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