Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets: H

H is for Hand Lettering, and this month we are diving into the alphabet to master each letter in Brush Script. If you’re new to lettering, the very best place to start is at the beginning with the letter A and some basic brush stroke instruction. If you’ve been following along, today we are ready to tackle the letter H. We’ll learn the capital and lowercase versions of the letter as well as a few fun flourishes.

Brush Script H

Grab your favorite brush pen, and let’s get going!


Remember the descender with a loop stroke we were practicing over and over as we learned to form a Brush Stroke “G”? Here it is again as the left side of our capital H! This time, it will sit on the baseline rather than extending below it, but it’s the same exact shape and technique. The right side is simply our simple upward loop, the same shape we practiced for our lowercase “b”, lowercase, “d,” and the top of our “f.”  When we connect these two shapes without picking up our pen, we get a beautiful, fancy script H.


The lowercase h begins with a simple loop, just like a lowercase b. Then, we combine it with an overturn. That’s all there is to it. Try keeping your pen on the paper as you move from the downstroke to the underturn.

Remember how much fun it was to embellish the descender on our lowercase g? A lowercase doesn’t have a descender (a line that extends below the baseline on which all the letters sit), but it does have an ascender (a line that reaches up to the cap height). We can add flourishes to that instead! Varying the size and position of the loop is an easy way to do that, and so is adding an extra loop at the beginning.

Here are some free printable practice pages that will give you a chance to practice the capital and lowercase h, a few flourishes, and how to connect this letter with the others we’ve learned so far. To use them, simply click the link below and save them to your device. Then, you can print them out or upload them to your favorite digital lettering software. You are welcome to use these as often as you like for your own personal practice.


Brush Script H

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As you practice, I’d love to see your progress. Share your photos in our Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group or on Instagram.

Brush Script H

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