Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets: X

Friends, we’re down to the final three letters of the alphabet in our brush lettering series! It’s time to turn our attention to the Brush Script X.


Brush Script X

If you’re just beginning your hand lettering journey, brush script is a font that takes time and lots of practice to master. It’s all about controlling the pressure on your pen to create a mixture of thick and thin lines. You’ll want to head back to the first post in the series to learn the basics and work your way through. Otherwise, let’s learn to form our “x” using this technique.

Drawing a Capital Brush Script X

A capital “X” begins with a quick upstroke into a diagonal downstroke that goes back up at the bottom. To finish it, we just need to add a diagonal upstroke that crosses the original line.

Drawing a Lowercase Brush Script X

The lowercase “x” is formed in exactly the same way, just half as tall.

To help you master this letter, here are two free printable practice sheets. The first will walk you through the shapes of the the letters, then the second will teach you to connect the “x” to other letters and form words. All you have to do is download the files to your device, then either print them or upload them to your favorite lettering app.

Download the free printable practice pages here

Brush Script X

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As you practice, I’d love to see your progress. Share your photos in our Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group or on Instagram. Don’t forget to Pin this post for future reference and to share with your lettering friends.

Brush Script X

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