Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets: W

We’ve almost reached the end of the alphabet in our brush lettering letters series! Today, our focus is on the Brush Script W.

Brush Script W

By now, you’ve already mastered the shapes you need to form a Brush Script W; all we have to do is put them together! If you’re brand new to brush lettering, you’ll want to start with the first post in the series to get a good overview of the technique and practice the basic strokes. Otherwise, let’s look at how to combine what we already know to make today’s letter.

Drawing a Capital Brush Script W

A capital W begins with a quick upstroke. Then, we form an underturn, which is the official term for the u-shaped stroke we get when we start with a downstroke and curve into an upstroke. We’ll form a second underturn connected to the first one, then finish it off with a small loop at the top.


Drawing a Lowercase Brush Script W

A lowercase w is formed using the exact same brush strokes, it’s just half as tall as its capital counterpart.

While you can certainly keep the bottoms of your underturns aligned on the baseline where you’re writing, it can be a fun to add a little bit of “bounce” to the letter by letting one underturn extend lower than the other. Check out the example below. My first underturn sits on the baseline, while the second one goes beneath it. See how this adds a whimsical feel and makes your letter more stylized?

Here are some practice pages to help you as you work on the letter w! The first page will give you a chance to practice the basic letter shapes, and the second page will help you add some bounce. Then, the final two pages will show you how to connect the “w” with the other letters we’ve learned so far. To use them, just click below and download the files to your device. Print them out or upload to your favorite digital lettering program. You are welcome to use them as often as you like for your own practice.

Download the free practice pages here

Brush Script W

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As you practice, I’d love to see your progress. Share your photos in our Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group or on Instagram. You might want to pin this post for future reference and/or to share it with your lettering friends.

Brush Script W

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  1. I love your site! i have been enjoying the Free Hand Lettering Sheets each day. I have not been able to download the “w” sheets though. The link doesn’t seem to work. Thank you for sharing your time and talents!

    1. My mistake, Laura! I forgot to add the clickable link! Try it now, and it should be working. Glad you are enjoying the practice pages.

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